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    Question Bike Covers

    I am looking at a lightweight but decent cover for my RT with all the luggage cases on it.
    Can anyone suggest a decent cover? Ether a 1/2 or full cover is ok
    It will mainly be used to keep rain and prying eyes of the bike as well as the sun while travelling.
    I just don't know what brands are ok

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    We've got a couple of Travelers. I'll go find the label and see who made them.

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    Talking Geeza

    I like the Geeza cover! Easy on -off, stuff bag, dries fast! Not really waterproof, but whats the diff . Ya ride in the rain anyway!
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    Thanks for the replies guys
    I'll check them out on the net and at my dealer.
    As long as it is not too crazy with traffic and it isn't a tropical downpour , I kinda like riding in the rain a little as it cools me off here in S.Florida!
    But while camping it would be nice to be able to cover the bike at night.

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    Originally posted by KBasa
    We've got a couple of Travelers. I'll go find the label and see who made them.
    EZ Touring Covers, IIRC.
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    I had an EZ traveler cover and really liked it a lot. It's really nice when you go on trips and want to cover the bike up at night because it packs so small. I have one of the big bulky Dowco covers right now. It is a bit more sturdy and thicker for my non-garaged bike, but it is a pain in the butt to pack for trips. If I had a choice I'd get a Dowco for home outside storage and an EZ traveler for trips or inside garage storage.
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    Thumbs up

    Again thanks for all the info
    I think I found what I am looking for and should get a cover soon with UPS

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    Which one did you decide to go with? I'm in the same market and have been waiting for more replies.
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    I decided on the EZ traveler cover as I only needed a light weight 1/2 cover for my bike.
    I am fortunate enough to have my bike in a garage when I am home.

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    I have had good luck and like Nelson Rigg Defender Covers.
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