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  1. It can be fixed

    First, I agree with several other posts that the surge could be the result of a need for maintenance (ie: injectors, etc.).

    However, I've had a lot of success with Dobeck Performance products out...
  2. I had the same problem. After riding for a...

    I had the same problem. After riding for a while, the engine behaved like it was running waaaay too rich or was starving for fuel. Or had a venting problem. Or the float levels were set wrong.
  3. I have had leaking "float bowls" that were really...

    I have had leaking "float bowls" that were really just old fuel lines that were cracked. Or..Were not sealing due to clamps that were too tight. Or...(Lots of reasons).

    Hard to tell if the leak...
  4. NEW Dobeck Gen 4 Fuel Injection Tuner/Controller

    I have a new prototype fuel injection tuner/AFR gauge mounted on a couple of my bikes and I feel the need to "share". I have the prototype mounted on a R1150GS and R1150R. New models are being...
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    Nice Guzzi!

    YES..verrry nice Guzzi! Looks like new! I've always thought about getting one. Just haven't gotten around to it. Waaay too many bikes in my garage right now...Maybe after I sell a few.

  6. Thread: serious move

    by mt4jim

    A Few Thoughts

    I don't have a lot of experience riding in Hawaii, but what little I have done (used to fly there often with the Air Force) showed me that the place gets pretty small. More like enduro country than...
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    Zip Tied Side Covers

    Both of my 82 LS' have their sidecovers "zip tied". Even though they have new grommets and the attachment points are intact, They still come off.

    Unless you like buying new sidecovers at BMW...
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    Bag Mounts

    Thanks...I like the bike. Thanks for the info on the bag mounts...I wondered where they came from.

    Anyone want some deer whistles? :p
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    Two '82 R65LS'

    I have two '82 R65LS'. One silver and one red. How I came to have TWO is a long story...Suffice it to say that I don't buy bikes, I adopt them :dunno .

    I've cleaned the bike up a bit, but it's...
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    For What It's Worth

    In my opinion, you could do a lot better with a well maintained, late model used R1150 or 1100 that runs well (no surge). Some of these bikes were better than others. Best way of knowing if the...
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