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    What does not work on painting wheels

    I will tell you what not to do. I took off my front wheel, cleaned it, shot it with black Krylon primer, then topped with Krylon flat black paint. It did not stick and could be rubbed off with your...
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    Sticky: bmw bobber r100rt at birth

    This is my first BMW. It started as a 1980 r100rt. I stripped off enough fiberglass to make a bass boat, added a triumph rear fender, bought the largest cop seat I could find, added a 1928 ford...
  3. will an airhead run without instament cluster?

    I am a new airhead. I remember reading that if some light bulb goes out the charging system fails.

    I want to remove the instument cluster. (In fact I did remove all the instruments. )Will this...
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    drop, something spewing valve cover ?

    I am as new as you get. I Just bought a 1980 r100rt on e bay with 60,000 mi. I rode it a couple times around the block, went out of town and my wife calls and tells me it fell off the center stand...
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