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  1. Thank you so far.

    The dealer was not sure if the miles speedo would just plug and play.
    The suggested I call an instrument company in California who works on them. They were no help either.
    The PO put stickers on...
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    Thank you so much!

    I appreciate the ideas and input, not to mention your speed in your responses. I will remove, inspect, clean, and check the starter and the battery. Yes, I will disconnect the battery first.
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    Bagman 14 litre on 1991 K100RS

    I found a guy on Craig's List locally who had two Bagman bags and one strap base. I have no idea how old they are or if they still make bags like it. The 14 Litre I use every day and the bigger...
  4. Light triangle

    One thought to add:
    I was told that creating a light triangle helps others calculate your approach speed better. The triangle getting larger registers with our brain very effectively. One common...
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    Great step by step!

    I have been told that microscopic stuff can ruin the ABS modulators, at great expense. Fresh fluid every one or two years is the right thing to do. Brake fluid changes temperature extremely while...
  6. Thank you. So this is an electronic speedo? It...

    Thank you. So this is an electronic speedo? It would make some sense to me for it to run off of the ABS sensor if that is the case.

    If that is the case, would the same electronic input from...
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    Starter not engaging 2003 Rockster

    I am not sure if I need a new battery, starter, or some elbow grease cleanup/lube. The starter on my new Rockster only engages some of the time. Is this a 'clean it up and re-lube the drive' fix,...
  8. Speedo change from kilometers to miles

    I live in the States and just bought a formerly Canadian 2003 Rockster, so it reads kilometers on the speedo and odometer. If I buy a used speedo, can I simply remove one and plug in the other...
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    K100RS windscreen changes

    Anyone have any suggestions for an aftermarket windscreen for my 1991 K100RS?
    Laminar Lip, and Aeroshield I think are the possibilities, but any info from other owners would be helpful. I am 6...
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    Spline lube

    My Clymer guide says that on a K bike it is not as neccesary to frequently lube the splines. Basically : If the clutch is working smoothly, skip it. It says that the R bikes needed to be more...
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    I had the same issue on my 1991 K100RS. Take it...

    I had the same issue on my 1991 K100RS. Take it off yourself and have it looked at by the service dept. If they are as nice as the folks in Tacoma, they will describe what a cheapskate like me can...
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    needs break-in

    I bought a 1991 K100RS from an enthusiast with 105,000 miles on it. It buzzes some when under 75 miles an hour and I think the RPMs are higher than they should be, but it all seems to work really...
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