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    Touring NZ

    Hi. My wife and I, from Vancouver Island, spent 4 weeks March of 2012 on a 2007 Suzuki DL1000 touring both islands. Although it was one of their worst summers ever for rain and cold, we had a great...
  2. Suggestions for insurance coverage for South America

    My wife and I plan to ride with Compass Expeditions in Chile and Argentina next January. We are required to obtain insurance coverage for the F700 they provide, but I am unable to find a local...
  3. 2010 R1200 GSA mechanical and service problems

    My 2010 GSA with less than 30,000 km broke an alternator belt far from home last year and BMW Roadside Assistance took numerous phone call and two letters finally culminating in an email to A Mr....
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    BMW Roadside Assistance, Canada

    I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the BMW Roadside Assistance experienced since early October when an alternator belt failed on my 2010 GSA about 50 miles south east of Tacoma. A fellow...
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