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    Sticky: modifications, odds and ends

    I do articles of a sort I suppose. Webpages really. I only have two up, one for a K bike seat lock repair (the result of an eBay deal gone awry) and the other for a lighting modification I recently...
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    You do not disturb the cables to change the needles

    you can remove the top of the carb w/o touching the cable adjustments. On push/pull chokes loosen the retaining screw for the end of the wire. pull up on the wire. On spring return chokes, unhook the...
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    I'm with Ron on running the right and then...

    I'm with Ron on running the right and then switching to the left followed by the reserves in sequence.

    However when running on the right and getting to the sputter point, I close the right side...
  4. Bearings

    To my knowledge BMW does not make bearings. I would also imagine they would tend to avoid the expense of having a special bearing made for them . They design against off the shelf bearings by SKF and...
  5. Timeserts are superior

    They are a solit threaded shell as opposed to the helicoils metal coil. One advantage of this is that the solid shell can be installed with green studlocker. It is now very permanent. Tough to play...
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    Sensitive flashers.

    If you use the BMW flasher then you should also use BMW bulbs (and the correct ones.) The flasher is quite sensitive. All connections need to be clean. If you ever have the headlight ears off then...
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    Sticky: Matt rides a /5 and setting up those Bings for...

    Matt rides a /5 and setting up those Bings for altitude takes less than 4 minutes. Not much meat for an article. If you throw in the bit about sucked choke cover gaskets and fixing a perforated...
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