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  1. OK I got the guts out of the housing. The tach...

    OK I got the guts out of the housing. The tach face is badly warped and interferes with the tack needle. I would like to try to flatten the face but I need to remove it first. So, I also have to...
  2. '86 K75C How do I remove instrument face?

    '86 K75C I need to remove the gauge cover (shell) to flatten tach face. There are two screws on the back of the case and the trip meter knob. Will the two screws release the gauge cover and give...
  3. Thanks guys, Stephen

    Thanks guys,

  4. '86 K75 gas tank breather line routing?

    '86 K75..Does the breather line at the front rt of the gas tank rout under or over the frame spine? Mine is over and seems like it gets compressed by the tank.

    Thanks, Stephen
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    '86 K75 How do I test fan?

    New to me '86 K75. How do I test for the fans functioning? Does it come on at start-up, idling, or just when the bike is very hot? I live in a cool climate and it has not come on yet.
    Thanks much,
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    K75C Parts Manual?

    I am a new owner of a 1986 K75C. I have two service manuals but am looking for a "Parts Manual" with part numbers. Any directions on where I can find one other than the micro fisches on dealer's...
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