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  1. Thread: Dynabeads

    by TELBOY

    Dynabeads actually work.In 2010 a group of us...

    Dynabeads actually work.In 2010 a group of us rode from winnipeg to the d2d in Dawson,from there we would split up,2 would go to pruhdo bay and the other two we would ride up to inuvik as we thought...
  2. Replies

    crimp vs solder

    I used to repair ABS/EBS sytems and their associated wiring on heavy trucks in England with canbus wiring,the prefered method was to prepare and splice the wire as you would in soldering and instead...
  3. gs v gsa

    I chose the gsa because of the long range tanks as it cheeses me of a bit having to keep stopping every two hours or so to tank up.However if you're running with a fellow on KTM or f800gs as I do...
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