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    K1600 GTL Tires

    I'm nursing my Metzlers through 6K. Up'ed tire pressure to 50/50 and seems to help with the cupping. I used to get 12K+ on my much heavier K-LT on Metzlers ME 880. I don't ride hard Going to the...
  2. Still Looking for a BT that works ?

    I have a 2013 K1600 GTL. I rode with a BMW BT headset in a Test Pilot helmet and didn't like the wind noise and the volume was very low. I ride with ear plugs all the time. I think that BMW has...
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    I live in western VA, and I am looking for a...

    I live in western VA, and I am looking for a trailer before I ride to the MOA rally in Salem OR. I just got back from 3 wks in the Lake George area for Americade. I looked like the Beverly Hills...
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    Trailers and K-LT

    2002 K1200 LT-C 94K. I am needing any input from anyone that has towed a trailer with there K-LT. Type, Good Idea?. I am a camper and I need more room to carry my camping gear than I can put on my...
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