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  1. Thanks!

    Yup, y'all were right. It's a 2002 R1150RS.
    THANKS ALL for the great responses. I was able to easily replace the bulb is short order, and I made sure to aviod contaminating the bulb with my oily...
  2. Replies

    Route suggestions in the Coco Beach, FL area?

    We'll be in Florida in the Coco Beach area around the end of June (2011).
    We plan on spending about a week there and we're wondering if anyone could recommend some local "twistie" or good scenic...
  3. How to replace headlight bulb on '08 R1150RS?

    Afternoon, I bought a replacement Xenon headlight blub for my 2008 R1150RS. The "Repair Manual says to take the whole front fairing off to replace the bulb. I've been through this once before when...
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