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    Try Twisted Throttle. They have LED light kits you can install in aftermarket top cases. I tapped into the wiring harness under the left frame tube under the pillion seat for tail, turn and brake...
  2. Gear Indicator '06 RT

    Mine did that about 25,000 miles ago. Also in some rainy weather. I took it apart like Don reports and just put some dielectric grease in the plug in connection. It has never acted up again. KISS...
  3. Center stand '06 RT

    On a loaded bike with lowered suspension try putting a 14" piece of 1.5" PVC tubing on the center stand lever. Pack when you go on a tour. Try it after you get done laughing!!!! :)
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    The rusty powder is a sign of eminent failure. I don't believe the boots not being in perfect placement matter much. Remember all rear wheel drive vehicles made in America have exposed u-joints. ...
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    Lights burning out

    After replacing several bulbs I now try to shut the bike off with the key rather than the kill switch. I say that because it turns the lights off. To many times I shut the bike of with the kill...
  6. Seat Height 2006 R1200RT

    I took a different approach after reading on this site some advice. I have lowered my bike and added a Russell Daylong saddle. These two items have almost canceled each other out. So it was...
  7. Spline wear. 2006 R1200RT

    Sliding is not the only determining factor for spline wear. For example on a truck with a PTO (Power Take Off) mounted on a transmission with a hydraulic pump bolted solid will have spline wear. ...
  8. With all the above said.....

    When riding with my wife last summer on my '06 R1200RT in Glacier National Park of course there was construction and stop and go traffic, uphill. We all know what a fast first gear we have, and a...
  9. Extremely Helpful Don

    I too would like to applaud Don. Your help here in finding past posts, even from another web group was great. I'm constantly interested and completely intrigued by this group. Even if my red light...
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    Sticky: Poll: 2006 rt

    No fuel strip problem. 61,000 miles
  11. Another inch a different way

    I took some others advice and added to the soles of my riding boots. I makes alot of difference for not much $$$$$s. Just a thought to consider.
    Lots of Luck
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    Rocker arm

    You are not going to re-engineer the top end of that motor. Buy a low mile Hexhead and adjust valves to your hearts content. It is very simple I think.
  13. Map pocket Idea

    Thanks for the idea Mr. Neblett!!!
  14. Tank Bag

    What I don't like is the map pocket. When it is is cold it allows you to remove the map. When it is hot it turns to snot and now the map corners poke holes in the plastic when you want to look at...
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    '06 rt

    I also would like to add that I changed the transmission to Amsoil of the appropriate weight. This made a tremendous difference in shift quality for me.
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    Double Clutch R1200RT 06

    When going from 2nd to 1st try the old double clutch. As you are approaching the stop sign or light shift from second to neutral let clutch out for a split second, and as your bike is still...
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    2006 RT with CalSci

    38,000 miles with Calsci and no breaks. North Dakota and northwestern MN "breezes", really nasty sometimes. I believe that the big old hole neutralizes so much frontal pressure that it clearly...
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    Be sure to drill completely through the broken...

    Be sure to drill completely through the broken bolt using a small bit first. Use a cutting oil such as Mystic Metal Mover this will help the bit work and not over heat. Just before the left handed...
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    Thanks everyone. That is what I have been...

    Thanks everyone. That is what I have been looking for. I wish the Verholen bar backs didn't have to cost so much as that is exactly what I want.
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    Wrist Angle on handlebars R1200RT

    Has anyone altered the wrist angle on their handlebars on a R1200RT. On the K1200LT I have extended the bars back closer to the seat and at the same time changed the positioning to the hands. It...
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    Check to make sure the wheel speed sensor wire is not rubbing the brake rotor. I would get the same thing. Stop bike cycle the key switch and light would go away. When the bike was wet, the wire...
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    Shifter problem

    I would lay under the bike and look up at the shifter linkage inside the frame. Operate the shifter and see if you are have any part of the linkage touching something it shouldn't be. The...
  23. Starter Clicking

    The starter solenoid could be clicking and not sending the current to the starter terminal. If the solenoid is bad a new battery will not cure the problem. Check if you are getting good power...
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    Wire it direct to battery with appropriate fuse. Then you can use it to charge battery with a regular Battery Tender and power your higher draw power uses without interference from computer...
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    ABS light can come because of sensor wires...

    ABS light can come because of sensor wires rubbing the rotor also causing a short to ground situation.
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