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  1. Last day to buy your tickets!

    ... and the New Member option had less than 1000 takers, making the odds of winning 2 F800GS very good!

    Sunday, June 30, will be the last day to place orders for Superstakes tickets. Order online...
  2. Bart Chilcott wins the first Free Ticket Friday!

    Nice creative concept, Bart.

    Check out all the others at the SuperStakes Facebook Page.

    Want to win a free ticket yourself? Picture yourself winning a BMW bike. And BE CREATIVE!!! :nod
  3. The first Free Ticket Friday gets chosen today...

    Get over to the Superstakes Facebook Page and post a pic of what you'll look like when you win a bike!
  4. It's getting crazy out there in Beemerville!

    The Veg wants to win this week's Free Ticket Friday on the Superstakes Facebook Page
  5. Free Ticket Fridays start this week.

    What will you look like when you win a new bike?

    Here's a way to win a quick hundred bucks in value, at a minimum, and a...
  6. Word is that about 600 Superstakes ticket buyers...

    Word is that about 600 Superstakes ticket buyers have chosen the New Member Twin bonus. That makes the odds very good for that particular bonus drawing.
  7. Two big pieces of news in Beemerville.

    Free Ticket Friday

    It starts this week on the Superstakes Facebook Page!

    The schtick this year is to post pics of how you'll react when you win a bike. Be creative... and share, share,...
  8. Be there at Beemerville West!

    Visit the RideWest Open House this Saturday, May 11, buy a Superstakes ticket and get a great chance...
  9. Early Bird Drawing this weekend

    Who in Beemerville will win a brand new 2013 GS? Yeah, the new wethead.

    Who will win a $2500 shopping spree?
  10. May 4th - Northern Colorado Eurosports

    Here is more info on the Northern Colorado Eurosports Open House.
  11. Superstakes 2013... picture yourself winning!

    It's that time again in Beemerville, where a $100 Superstakes ticket gets you a bunch of chances to win a...
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