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  1. Missing NY state?

    From your itinerary it appears you are going direct from Montreal to Toronto? If your staying in Canada your missing some very excellent riding in NY state. The Adirondacks are awesome and where I...
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    I did the header wrap with no real improvement

    I wrapped the headers this weekend, but my heat problems seems no better. I have people telling me it will be worse because the wrap makes it even closer to the tupperware. I'm at my whits end with...
  3. I think I need a trip to the dealer

    I understand now how the wrap may be hurting instead of helping my heat issue, but it is not the cause. When I first bought the bike back in July last year no problem then blam it just started. I've...
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    Sticky: My 2000 R1100RT


    Syracuse NY
  5. Silly me

    My ride is a 2000 R1100RT with 24k on her. I bought her back in july of 2012. This started happening after I bought it.
  6. Hot header pipe burning up the plastic. Help!

    This issue is driving me nuts. I took my side panels off, sanded and repainted my crispy shark fins, and I also wrapped my headers. Got her all back together today I went on a 10mile mixed speed...
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    I'm having this same problem with a hot header blistering my paint

    I know this thread is almost two years old but I'm having this same problem. I took my side panels off, sanded and repainted my crispy shark fins, and I also wrapped my headers. Got her all back...
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    non-ethanol fuel

    I will do the valve adjustment, but the non-ethanol fuel use its almost impossible here to get it. I have put it in once but the long rides I like to do really can't find it much. I wish that was not...
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    Start and go

    Yes, I've learned in the past month start and go is the way to go and I do so every time. Put I never really let it sit more than a minute or two the first week or two I had the bike. I just want to...
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    00 R1100RT Fairing "Toasted"

    I've just noticed on my new to me RT that the fair shields on the backside of the fairing by the exhaust manifolds are brown and toasted, plus I have a blister the size of a half dollar on the left...
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    Battery sounds like the issue

    I have a new Bikemaster Gel Battery just haven't put it in yet. I guess that's my next project...
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    ABS Startup Issues 2000 r1100rt

    Hello Everyone,

    Being a new beemer rider I have many questions but my most pressing revolves around the ABS system and the startup test. About half the time now when I start the bike and go, the...
  13. Almost dumped my 1100rt starting in second by mistake

    Im a new rt rider but I've been riding over 30 yrs. Today I stopped at a light and forgot to shift down into first. When I let out the clutch it bucked and kicked like an old mule and almost dumped...
  14. Bike Arrives Tuesday Morning

    My new (to me) r1100rt is arriving tomorrow morning. Even though I can't ride it for at least 2-3 weeks I don't care... :brow

    Thank you all for the warm welcome...
  15. New soon to be Beemer Rider with a warning and lessons learned

    Greetings from beautiful Central New York. Wonderful riding this season, but please please watch out for deer. I've ridden this area for over 30 years and have many a close call, but last Sunday...
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