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    These are all great responses, but nothing on...

    These are all great responses, but nothing on Ayres. How about some Ayres feedback? I went on an Edelweiss Tour in Andalusia and loved it. I am planning more tours and would be interested in hearing...
  2. Performance riding schools reviews wanted. Not interested in racing with V. Rossi

    I am very interested in improving my road riding skills after all the bad habits I am sure I've picked up over the years. I am keen on attending a riding school. Most of the schools I've found offer...
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    Bar Backs for the 1600GT

    Has anyone found bar backs for the GT? My local dealer suggested I could mount GTL handle bars on my GT, but I am not sure I want to go that route, for several reasons including difficulty in...
  4. Problems pairing Sena SMH10 to the audio system

    I have terrible sound issues when pairing the Sena to my K1600GT It sounds like a very bad cell phone
    Signal, breaking up constantly. Has anyone figured out ow to make these two systems work?
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    Wind noise with the K1600GT

    I just test rode the new GT and loved it. My only complaint was significant wind noise. I experienced the same problem on my RT and K1200GT until I replaced the wind screen. Any feedback on any of...
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    Concerns about buying K1600GT the first year

    I am very interested in the K1600GT. I am also nervous about buying any vehicle, bike, car, truck, the first year it is available. Does anyone have any thoughts/opinions on the new GT?
  7. Ipod locks up when connected to BMW Audio system 2011 R1200RT

    I own a 2011 R1200RT with the BMW Motorrad audio system. I connect my iPod to it with the BMW cable I purchased from dealer. Within a few minutes of listening to the iPod, it locks up. I must...
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    foot peg lowering on 2011 R1200RT

    I've seen foot peg lowering kits from Suburban Machine and others. Has anyone tried them on the 2011 RT? The shift lever is different from the earlier model years.
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    Audio system and ear buds

    Has anyone tried wiring a 3.5mm headphone jack into their BMW audio system? I have a pair of molded earplug/earbuds that work and sound great with my Zumo. I would like to be able to plug them into...
  10. Zumo, Iphone, Sena headset, BMW factory radio and Bluetooth '11 R1200RT

    I just purchased a 2011 R1200RT. I have successfully paired my Iphone to my Zumo and my Zumo to my Sena SMH10 so I can have phone, directions, MP3. I also tried to pair the BMW radio/sound system to...
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    Zumo 660 cable routing on R1200RT

    I just got my Zumo 600 and am unsure how to route the cables from the mount back to the battery. Any recommendations? Those 4 cable are pretty thick. If possible, I would like to have the earplug...
  12. Wind noise from 2011 RT windscreen. Aftermarket recommendations

    I am a new owner of a 2011 R1200RT. My only complaint so far is how much wind noise I get, regardless of the position of the windscreen. Can anyone recommend an aftermarket screen? I've read some...
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