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  1. Advice for a Yank on Touring Ireland and Scotland on Two Wheels - Please!

    As a Scotch-Irish lad, the Celt in me has always wanted to see Ireland and Scotland. With a boatload of years on me (69), it's time to do something about this itch, sort of a Bucket List thing,...
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    Hi v1ct0r, I may have a simple solution to...

    Hi v1ct0r,

    I may have a simple solution to your cold start rattle. I have a 2011 RT with 40K+ on the clock that suddenly started having the same rattle as yours. All of the rattle...
  3. Is There a GPS Power Plug on a 2011 R1200 RT?

    I finally decided to put a Garmin GPS on my 2011 1200 RT. I think someone told me there is a power plug under the handlebars in the upper portion of the fork area. I looked with a flashlight and if...
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    What a hoot!!! This thread has been awesome fun....

    What a hoot!!! This thread has been awesome fun. Love all the responses. I wanted to know what everyone thought, and got it!

    Thanks loads guys! Next topic?

    Michael B

    P.S. My next cycle...
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    Car Tire as Rear Bike Tire - WHATDOYOUTHINK?

    Even with my new 2011 1200 RT, I still ride with my old Gold Wing buddies. The number of guy putting car tires on the rear of their Wings is increasing quite a bit, actually a lot. The main reason...
  6. 2011 R1200 RT Oil Cooler Guard Wisdom - THE REPORT

    About three weeks ago I asked you good folks your opinion of putting an oil cooler guard on my 2011 RT. The general consensus was yes with a caveat that it might make the bike run hotter.

    So with...
  7. Ikchris, Getting something for free was not...


    Getting something for free was not my issue. Your point on the dealer DVD is a good point, and I may ultimately have to get one and have it printed. I checked Amazon for every BMW...
  8. 2011 R1200 RT Repair/Workshop Manual Downloads?

    There was a recent thread talking about downloading BMW model specific "manuals" off Canadian or Denmark web sites in English. I checked it out and it turned out to be "Rider's" manuals, not "Repair...
  9. Oil Cooler Cover Wisdom...Yeah or Ney? 2011 R1200RT

    Greetings all from a BMW newbe.

    I'm an old Gold Wing rider who is now enjoying a 2011 R 1200 RT with just a tick under 15,000 miles on her. Love the bike but wonder if it is a good idea to get...
  10. Download Manual on Apple Computer?

    New guy here with a tech question.

    I have a 2011 R1200 RT and an Apple computer. Will these manuals from Denmark, Canada, etc. download on my machine, or is it only for PC's? It is my...
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