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    quebec city accomodations

    i've been up to quebec city a few times, and have always stayed across the river in Levis. Once in a hotel and the other time at the KOA. Much, much less expensive than in QC, and there is a ferry...
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    adjustable pegs

    not sure what specifically is out for your bike, but take a look at some of the aftermarket sites. i have seen some adjustable pegs that look nice. just look closely at any disclaimers with them...
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    interesting repsonses

    I appreciate the repsonses here. It would be interesting to see if BMW would come up with a K-GS configuration, but even as I'm typing this I am wondering if the reason this has not been done is due...
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    R vs. K ... Engine comparisons?

    Just curious if anyone knows good links to comparions of BMW's R and K engine designs.I forget where, but recently heard someone say or write that the K engine was a better design, but I have no...
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    have you headed up towards the dam north of baie comie? not sure how far this is or gas stops along that path. had originally thought of doing the trans lab, but my dad is going to be 77 next year,...
  6. wanna race!!

    those nebraska critters are tough!!
  7. the horizon

    water ... water ....
  8. it was VERY hot, but beautiful, at Arches

    Like being in a toaster
  9. edge of the world ...

    hmmm... need to start a fire ... hey, there's 1 tree left ...

    cool shot from top of craters of moon park
  10. fast!!

    met this couple heading into Colorado ... guy said he had just had the bike up to 150 mph!! no wonder folks can do a 1000 miles in a day out west!

    he had a real nice set of kessler bags on the K...
  11. of all places ...

    Rode across the country and hadn't seen an easterner for quite some time .. by car or any other means of transport. Role into first rest stop in Idaho and up comes a lone harley guy from Syracuse,...
  12. Craters of Moon .. very interetsing park

    walking into the unknown
  13. ready to leave

    as you can tell by now i'm not putting these in any order ... this was taken at the start of our trip in upstate NY. my bike is the ST and my dad has the RT.

    also - making pix a bit larger and...
  14. mt evans

    what a great ride up mt evans ... woo hoo!!
  15. don't see this sign often in NY

    Yum!! Jerky!!
  16. Transcanada Highway ...

    Ok - this isn't really the TC highway, but really close by ... out in Manitoba
  17. here is pic

  18. salmon river canyon in Idaho

    a great part of this ride ... heading towards the Lochsa
  19. 2006 Western Trip Pictures and Route Info

    Thanks for forum members for helping me to find a program that would resize my pix so I can finally get some uploaded. This first post is the final test to see if I can do this right. This is a pic...
  20. Thread: bike range

    by Chrisrides

    bike range

    i'm thinking the F650 might be a good bike for my wife. What is the mileage range on this machine approximately?

  21. How my R1200ST did on trip :)

    Thought it would be some good info for folks out here to say how my bike performed on this trip ... the '+'s and '-'s:

    Started trip at 7700 miles on the bike and finished in the 15K range. Used 1...
  22. Thread: GS Ad

    by Chrisrides

    great ads

    great photoshop work guys ... what P/N is the gymnast, and how much extra does she cost (assuming she has a BMW logo tattoo'd on her somewhere, bumping up the price).

    seriously though, what are...
  23. The Locksa ... what a ride!!

    Just was thinking of this part of the ride and had to write about it for anyone unfamiliar with this path ... start near Boise and head up north towards Eagle, McCall ... a gorgeous ride in of itself...
  24. Very cool places/rides on trip

    There were so many places to see it's hard to pick 1 favorite ride on this trip ... so here are a few that stand out:

    - Mt. Evans near Denver - 14 miles of switchbacks going up to 12,000 ft - put...
  25. Dealer Experiences

    What I am about to write here is my own personal opinion on the dealerships we came across during this trip. Other folks may have had different expereinces, but I wanted to pass along how we were...
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