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  1. Thanks for suggestions

    I made it home today, June 2. I had to wait about 30 minutes as the bike would not start again in Cedar City this AM. It was 59 degrees. The tank was about 80 miles short of being full. I had to...
  2. Help with 2011 R1200RT won't run /start at high altitudes

    My bike will not start or run ( it does crank over and begins to start). This happened this morning and again a few days ago. Both locations were at 6700 feet. The dealer in Sandy, UT where I had...
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    Roadside assistance info needed

    My warranty will be coming to a close while I take a ten day trip through Utah and Arizona next week. I was thinking of getting an insurance policy for piece of mind while traveling. The auto club...
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    Thanks for suggestions

    Thanks to everyone who made suggestions. I purchased a Dynaplug kit. I hope I never have the chance to try it out.
    Made my list and I am ready to pack and head to my first rally.
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    First tour in five years

    I have a question for the experts out there in regards to travel tips. I am heading out to Salem for the Rally in a few weeks. This will be my first Rally and first tour in five years. I never...
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    Hi Neighbor

    Welcome Matthew,

    I live in Mar Vista, just west of you. I am riding a 2011 R1200RT. My second BMW. My first was a 1976 R90/6.

    I too often ride up to the Santa Monica Mountains. I ride a...
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    Paint repair on R1200 RT

    Does anyone have experience using the ColorRite spray or cans of paint to fix up cosmetic damage? I experienced a few scratches on the side saddlebag cover on my 2011 bike. I am sick about this. I...
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