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  1. Update- transmission (not engine)

    Thanks for all your input.
    The noise seems to be the transmission, and might be the clutch plate as suggested. I wouldn't consider it "normal" sound though. (I have a 1994 R1100RS, and it has never...
  2. 2004 R1150RTP - noise on deceleration, what is it?

    I'm soliciting your help to diagnose an engine noise on my 2004 R1150RTP with 110k. The engine runs great and smooth, but when using engine braking (decelerating with clutch engaged) the engine makes...
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    Part number?

    Do you know the part number for the seal you replaced? My R1100RS appears to have the same leak, and the diagram from REALOEM shows two seals.
    I think it's #4 (23127656018) but would appreciate...
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