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  1. OOps!

    Yes, my bad. Camhead it is with the spheres and all.
  2. How do valve clearances change over time? Bigger or smaller? 2012 R1200RT

    Just checked the clearances on my 2012 R1200RT hexhead with 18K miles and all valve clearances are within spec. However I am curious about what change to expect over time as the engine wears.
  3. Don't cut it off!

    I had the same problem, an aftermarket seat with an SAE connector. Rather than cut off the chassis BMW plug I made a little pigtail converter that I then hardwired to the BMW plug. By hardwired I...
  4. To gap or not to gap...plugs 2012 R1200RT

    I will be changing out my 2012 RT camhead plugs in a month or so. I see I can get 4 MAR8B-JDS plugs at Amazon for about $50 shipped, not too bad.

    My question is about plug gap. On in the...
  5. Instead of new mirrors

    I bought the Suburban Machinery handlebars UP kit which stretched my arms out an inch or two and got my elbows out of the way of my mirrors line of sight. Now I can see nicely through the mirrors,...
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    Problem solved! Not what I or anyone else suspected...

    In the interim between my last post and now I also developed a leaking rear shock. Oil dripping onto the exhaust and smoking was...well, a smoking gun! Good thing because I might not have noticed...
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    Dealer says...

    Rog, I just may take you up on that offer, thank you.

    I called the dealer and they said they could reset the adaptation values and put in some fuel cleaner. Hmmmm...2 year old bike with 16K...
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    I bought the R4 up and back kit so I don't just see my elbows in the rear view mirrors anymore. Putting the seat on the high position helps too.

    Before that I had to consciously raise my arms to...
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    It's cold here today so I just plugged in the GS911 and it said no engine fault codes. Also showed temp input values for air and motor at 5.3C, which is correct. Tired to start with no throttle and...
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    Very hard cold start on a 2012 RT

    I bought my 2012 RT in late spring of this year and its a great bike, runs fine and has been no trouble. However as the weather has changed it is becoming increasing harder to start with colder...
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    New tank bag?

    I don't see any mounting points in the tank cover for a tank bag so I wonder how that's going to work.
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    Hey Hogwide, if this works out for you let me know as I agree and feel I got swindled on the bluetooth radio. You would be doing all a service to post your results when you have seen this through. ...
  13. Look elsewhere

    There is a lot of info about that on this forum:

    I have this setup and it works well. You just use the FADE setting to direct sound from the...
  14. Read your warranty

    BMW parts and accessories installed by your dealer get a 24 month unlimited mileage warranty of their own regardless of your bike's warranty. I doubt your levers fall under this as they are not BMW...
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    Great advice

    Great advice Motodan. I opened my clutch lid and took out enough oil to get it to the MAX level, which it was above. Seems to shift better now, which may be my imagination but hey I am good with...
  16. Dirt sticks to oil

    I think your diagnosis is correct, dirt sticks to oil seeping or leaking. Otherwise it remains clean. Get it to the dealer and have him check it, which I am sure you already plan to do. I believe...
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    Maybe the cost is being driven up by the $18 spark plugs, NGK MAR8B-JDS. It appears to be a fairly ordinary plug, two electrodes but no exotic metals employed. Unfortunately there is no other brand...
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    Pat, I seem to remember reading that in the early model RT's the GPS power plug was pretty well hidden, not out and easily found like it is on later models. I vaguely remember a picture of the plug...
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    Is the battery old?

    If the battery is near the end of its service life it will have difficulty holding a charge. Is it over 3 years old?
  20. Wow...

    Thanks nwh, but I am not following what you are saying here. The dealer does sell the oil retail. And like I said, the reimbursement relationship between the dealer and BMW NA does not matter to...
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    Wyman, I got my City bag today and it sits differently on the RT than the Engage bag does, it is tilted forward a little. May make looking at the map a little awkward until I can figure out how to...
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    Random thoughts

    I am wondering if there is some way to change out the bluetooth in the radio to a newer/better version. I have heard it is an Alpine radio and I doubt that Alpine makes that part of the radio. I...
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    Not OEM, but I do have a non EVO bag

    Hi Wyman, I have had the OEM tankag and now I have a Bags Connection non EVO Engage bag. I used a non EVO tank ring I had from a K1300GT which has the same gas cap. I did this because I tried to...
  24. Vindicated

    Got a call from Justin, the Service Manager at Foothills BMW today saying the tech had done a "poor job of communicating" with me and that they were sending me a check for the cost of the oil change....
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    I'd do what you propose

    Back to your original question, I'd bring a battery and some gas and try to start it just to see what happens. Whether oil and other lubricants sit in a can or a sump for 5 years will probably not...
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