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  1. Plan on Attending Bavarian Mountain Weekend at Sipapu in September!


    Yes, we'll be celebrating our 28th Bavarian Mountain Weekend at Sipapu, NM, September 7-9, 2012, with everything people have come to expect from this great little BMW rally: great riding,...
  2. Thread: Lost member

    by 69709

    I am so sorry and shocked to hear of Lyle's...

    I am so sorry and shocked to hear of Lyle's passing. Like so many of us that go to even one BMW rally per year, I knew Lyle. He was a regular at our Bavarian Mountain Weekend (New Mexico) and I...
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    Experience is the best teacher


    Since 2000, I have worn a leather two piece perforated Vanson riding suit and Sidi boots and they have saved me tens of thousands of dollars of skin treatment and repair of broken bones...
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    :dance Just like Will Rogers, I never met...


    Just like Will Rogers, I never met (owned) a bike I didn't like all the way from a '75 Yamaha 100 street bike to a pair of 96 oilheads: RT and GS (I loved the RT most of all!), a couple of...
  5. Yes, the Bavarian Mountain Weekend Will Happen!

    :bolt :doh

    Due to a communications problem on my part, our rally wasn't listed on the MOA When and Where. But all you who have attended in the past and want to attend again, our rally in Sipapu,...
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