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    Yeah, you're both right.

    Way too technical. It's sweet right now - just enjoy the ride.
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    R90/6 cylinder head temperature

    Ok. My bike has been running fine, after I had shipped my tranny to Boxers By Bruce to replace the pawl spring. ( For a very reasonable price, it came back spotless, called him...
  3. Another tip.

    I had tried Snowbum's shorting technique when my left carb's two-or-one ports by the butterfly was clogged.

    When I shorted the right cylinder the engine died. When I shorted the left cylinder,...
  4. Thank you, PMonk!

    Yep - that was it. The two holes by the butterfly. One of them was clogged.

    What helped a lot was screwing the pilot jet back in before giving the orifice at the air intake side of the...
  5. Thanks one and all.

    I guess I really wanted to make sure it wasn't my imagination. Now that I know, I will rebuild - I must have overlooked something simple.

  6. Tuning R90/6 Bing carburetors - idle mixture.

    I have been forewarned that I may never get them matched.

    I rebuillt both of them, following Bings own How-To DVD. Fairly straight forward.

    But I've always had problem with idle mixture. ...
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    Thank you so much.

    I had my R90/6 master cylinder rebuilt - rebored with stainless steel sleeve.

    Reassembled, and there was no pressure on the brake lever. Had to be an air bubble somewhere. Was reading the forum...
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    Thank you all - info and advice helped a lot.

    I read I shud replace the old breather valve with the new reed type. Didn't have a clue until I read the forum threads.

    I just rented a dent remover slide hammer - $10 per day. And then I went...
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    Thanks for all the great tips -

    but I'm also looking for a good reason to get a second bike, and if you keep this up, I'll never get my better half to agree. LOL. I'll check with my mechanic and see what kind of lube he used. ...
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    Thank you one and all.

    So make sure the spine gets lubed. My mechanic says, yes, I shud lube it every 20k miles, but if you don't engine brake , you can put on more miles before you need to do it. How much more I guess...
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    I'm sure you do know him.

    AntonLargiader - you're almost in my neighborhood. I'm sure you are right - it's probably age related. He replaced it with a new clutch kit, hopefully with better, newer materials and metal, and...
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    Boxermaf - that's exactly what happened.

    There were no warning signs. It just happened suddenly. How often shud you lube the splines - once a year - or is it mileage dependent?

    My mechanic has been repairing airheads since the Vietnam...
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    Abused dry clutch.

    I have only 22k miles on my 1976 R90/6 and I'm the original owner. Two weeks ago, my clutch went out. What happened was the splines in the clutch plate were worn out. From what I could see, there...
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    In Washington DC area, they do see the Hyperlites.

    I ride to and from work in the dark, and they do see the Hyperlites flashing. I can see them slowing down, or backing off in my rear view mirrors. I installed myself. The hardest part - I decided...
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    Don't forget to check the carburetor jets.

    I sort of had the same problem when I got my bike going again. I took it to my BMW mechanic, and he said my carb jet settings were probably too lean, and he switched the jet needle setting to the...
  16. Thank you one and all, esp the Veg.

    Duane's website is an incredible source of useful, helpful information. I have no wobble yet, and it seems to me that my bike runs smoothest about 75mph.

    But talk about wobble-free. I was on...
  17. Any ideas on 1976 steering dampener replacements?

    This forum very helpful. You guys suggested the Dyno 3 electronic ignition. I had it installed, and it runs great. It was running nice before, but it's just one less maintenance issue to have to...
  18. For old time guru's and the gray hair set

    I also posted in the K bike forum under "Any one out there 5ft 7 and riding a K1100RS?"

    I guess I'm just old, but it was so awesome watching the British motorcycle cops in action a few weeks ago...
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    I know about the abs and stomach muscles..

    I'm just getting too old and lazy to work them. But I can't see myself on a cruiser, not yet.

    As for the motorcade and 'Ride Reports", no, I shouldn't divulge too much detail. Suffice to say...
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    Did she like her riding position?

    If both her feet were flat on the ground, then I must be a short-legged dwarf. And I may be so. Still, I found I was leaning a bit more forward than on the R90, and I was wondering about too much...
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    Any 5ft 7inch riders on a K1100RS?

    Looking for a second bike. Currently riding an R90/6 and will keep it because I can actually maintain it myself. But, I spent a week in Europe, and was salivating watching the police blasting by on...
  22. Thank you one and all.

    Feed back much appreciated.
  23. Is the DYNA lll electronic ignition for R90/6 a good thing.

    Wondering if any airheads out there using the Dyna lll electronic ignition, and are they happy with it? Was it easy to install, how durable are they, and how much maintenance do they need, if any?
  24. Will do soonest.

    Thanks, pmdave. Much appreciated. I'm the original owner of this R90/6, but it's been in storage for over 10 years when I went overseas. Now that the kids are grown up, there it was sitting in my...
  25. Also, does the R90/6 seem harder to keep straight up when go very , very slow?

    Sorry for the inane questions, but I'm just trying to get it going again. Perfect forum for asking experienced air head riders, especially R90 riders.

    I've had a new Metzler 33 in the front and I...
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