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    Probably a low voltage situation

    Your starter could be dragging to an extent that the battery voltage(even with a new battery) drops below the 13.8 volts needed to initialize the ABS during start up which will cause aan ABS failure....
  2. BMW North East Florida

    BMWNEF is a great club, even though I'm a good six hours away I am a member. They have a good solid base and a bunch of motivated, friendly and resourceful members.
  3. Haps is good

    Try Haps. Bobby and his guys are good people. If you don't get a warm and fuzzy feeling go another 100 miles south to Gulf Coast Motorcycles in Ft Myers, try to schedule that trip on a Saturday and...
  4. Put some miles on it first

    Ride it for a little while and see if things settle down a little bit. You didn't provide current mileage or how long it sat. Before you start trying to fix it make sure its broke and not just a...
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    04 gsa

    Mine didn't crumble in my hands. My bike had about a week of sitting in the garage and my wife commented abut a strong smell of gas there and building up in the house. I went out and started poking...
  6. The paint& stripes look to be original color and quality

    If I had to guess I would say that's a very nice repaint in Bristol Grey R 60/2 of 1964 or '65 vintage. Would the frame and front sheet metal be original paint possibly? Color looks correct and...
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    Try Hugget

    Mark Hugget or something close to that name carries a lot of the "NA" in the "USA" parts. He's based in Europe somewhere and has lots to do with Mobile Traditions or what ever they call it now.
  8. Rut row

    I use it a lot
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    Try used parts first

    Its a crap shoot with knock off parts and the game is always fixed in the sellers favor. You might get something that fits just as good as OEM or it might end up being an unusable piece of crap and...
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    The clutch slave cylinder may be leaking

    Happened on my '04 GSA at about 18,000 miles and I understand its a fairly common problem for that vintage oil head. Mine was warranty but it still sucked to have it out for a couple days. I would...
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    I'm on the ropes with BMW MOA

    Matthew and Paul and the tech articles have kept me aboard in what I would call the transition of the Owners news and the Web site. I actually dropped out of the MOA for a few years and came back...
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    He really is just a regular guy

    I met him in St Augustine Fl. at a Riding Into History Concourse event a couple years ago and he is just a regular guy who does amazing things. That Mr. Reams is very much in line with you sir. The...
  13. Thread: advise please

    by 69zeff65

    R 90, R 75/6 or R 100 or 80/7

    /5's are cool and all but the brakes are poor, frames are not the best and the prices are going up and up. Late /6 and /7 have nice strong frames and disc brakes. 1975-76 R 75/6 would be a nice...
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    Up under the passenger seat

    I will double check on my R 9 T but I seem to remember there's a Torx head bolt under the rear of the passenger saddle that removes that part and then the riders saddle slips out. The Dealer should...
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    From the pictures this is my 2.5 cents

    If the bike is a matching numbers R 50, that would be frame, ID plate, engine number (above right cylinder base) and clear title it has some good value.

    Handle bar controls, clutch and throttle...
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    PM sent

    Check your private messages
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    It might be worthwhile to buy a /2 FD

    This is just my opinion but you might be better off looking for and buying a decent used /2 final drive instead of cutting up and re-welding the swing arm to make the later FD work.

    Its more than...
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    I don't think you have to cut or weld anything

    A friend of mine did his R 75/5 into a /2 frame about two years ago and I believe all he did was use a LWB or /6 drive shaft and coupling in the /2 swing arm. He turned the coupling down on a lath so...
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    When was the last brake fluid service done?

    You should flush and bleed those brakes at least every two years and every year if you live in an area with extreme temperature changes or high humidity. Its also good to keep healthy brake pads in...
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    Loosen up the gas cap and see how it does

    Yah never know, I read so much about the clogged vent lines and bad gas caps. I have a co-worker with the same problem on his Triumph Speed Triple, gunked up vent lines. Go figure!
  21. Make sure your points and condenser are good then

    Check the static timing first, Vech at Bench Mark Works is a great source of info on setting the static timing and the Clymer book that I have is pretty good to.

    Check the valve clearance also but...
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    Early R 90S tank

    I think the pre '76 R 90S tank is the same as the /7 only it has the pop up filler cap. Good luck finding a decent one that isn't priced to keep. You could always find a good body shop guy and a...
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    Proper instripes are what make the job look good

    On my /2 restorations I rely on Holt BMW for the tank and fenders, its not cheap and it does take a while but it is perfect. I don't live in S.C. so I can on;y offer advise in getting done with good...
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    Nope it wasn't Bristol Grey

    My friend wanted Bristol Grey but went to the wrong person for the color. I'm a purist but I also appreciate seeing antique and vintage BMW's of a different colors and the High Viz Yellow was in my...
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    The High VIZ yellow is similar to another off color restoration

    I saw a friends very nicely restored (in gray) R 50S a few weeks ago at the RA rally, his supposed Bristol Grey restoration was about 6 tints darker than the correct Bristol Grey that I had matched...
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