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  1. Madrid to Lisbon and back, September , 2014

    Hello BMW Riders

    Last year we did 8 days in Croatia and managed our own tour. For the most part, it turned out fine, other than the days being longer than anticipated.

    This year (2014) in...
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    I purchased an R850R, which I really like for several reasons. I have short legs and can stand upright on the bike. It is much lighter than my 07 1200RT and can handle it better. Good for everyday...
  3. Lowering R1200RT

    I have not installed the lowering kit, but they will lower the bike by 1". If you get a low seat, that will also help with your stance. I am meeting with Bitchn Stitchn in Denver tomorrow, to have...
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    Sunny in Seattle?

    Hi Atomicman

    I lived in Seattle for 18 years and think I saw the sun 5 times. Good for you!
  5. Lowering RT

    Whatever changes I make, I would like to be able to return the RT to factory specifications. While the Lowering Kit from Hyperpro can be removed and the RT returned to factory specifications,...
  6. Thanks for the information.

    Thanks, good information. If lowering the seat is not enough, this will be my next option.
  7. Lowering 2007 R1200RT using Hyperpro Lowering Kit.

    So, I've reviewed all of the threads on lowering bike heights on the RT's, including shocks, low seats, custom seats, increasing the height of your boot soles, etc, etc. I happened to run across...
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