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  1. So Much Inspiration - So Much Life !

    The adventures of Ara and Spirit come across as so much more than a man on a motorcycle trip with his pet dog - I find it a soul searching journey inspiring so many along the way- those who enjoy...
  2. Cross Country on 1982 R100RT - Jax to San Diego and back

    I originally posted this on the website which is the Florida Airheads website and forum, and after several requests, I have re-posted here on the BMWMOA forum. This...
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    My 1982 R100RT now living in Jacksonville, Florida

    Came from Indiana, now living in Florida
  4. The Flairheads tried to please......

    After reading some of the comments I have been reluctant to post, but since I started this thread I thought maybe I could inject my experience.

    I am the Flairheads webmaster and being sort of...
  5. Daytona Bikeweek Camping with the Florida Airheads

    Take NOTE: Daytona Bikeweek this year March 4th-March 13, 2011.

    The Florida Airheads chapter (referred to as Flairheads) will be camping and will have tents, coffee, sales items, and repair area...
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    BIG Thanks To Airheads at BMWMOA

    Hopefully this is the gratitude for many who benefited from the food, tent shelter, and fantastic knowledge freely handed out to all at Johnson City. Kevin Reimer from Tallahassee, Florida worked...
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    Thanks for the instructions, shire2000

    I am carrying a spare Diode Board with me to the Rally for my 82 R100RT - this is first long trip with it and other Airheads did tell me to try to have a spare around - but it went over my head about...
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    Avon on R100RT

    I just put on a set of AVON Roadrider like PT9766 mentioned - but I did put new Metzeler inner tubes in them. Got from BOB's BMW - why??? because I tried to buy locally but the tires in the local...
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    Me too....

    I go out to my garage about 10 times a day and look at my 82 R100RT- about every other time I sit on it and pretend that I am going somewhere off into the sunset...

    nothing unusual about me......I...
  10. Howdy from the State of Florida


    I have owned my 1982 R100RT for a month now and also have been in the ordering mode of operation - I tried to buy tires locally but the local shop sold me 2 year old tires - so - I now...
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    Man What a Beauty !!

    Man - love the color of the bike - your efforts seem to have paid off with a great airhead to travel on - it inspires me to get off my ass and clean up my R100RT:heart
  12. New Tire On Its Way !!!

    Man - what a wonderful crew of folks we have on this forum - gotta love it -

    Thanks a bunch to all that have responded to this thread - I HAVE purchased a new AVON tire and a new Metzeler inner...
  13. Yep - Ordering Tire Today

    I am getting new tire and tube ordering today. The 10 year old Metzeler is just too scary for me - and the price of new rubber is just one of the given expenses to enjoy this sport - but I had to...
  14. Hey Dave

    Yep, I live in Jacksonville (actually Fruit Cove) and yes, I am a member of the BMWNEF club and Airheads - I joined BMWNEF several years ago but have pretty much been inactive for the past couple of...
  15. To PT9766

    The receipt for the tires was in 1999 which included the tubes also.

    I agree 100% - I am ordering new tire to match new rear tire AND a new tube -

    small price to pay for what I can control.
  16. The Dot

    The DOT says EB 1N BPH 059

    Don't know what all that means though - any suggestions on how to interpret?
  17. Getting New Tire Just To be Safe

    I am crazy as hell in most everything I do with the exception the two tires are all that is between me and the next world, so I am ordering me a tire before the rally.....

    BUT - I just went back...
  18. Very Good Point - Had not considered that

    I am so glad you mentioned that - I have never been to a national rally and I "assumed" it was the place to get tires - I will now change my thoughts and go ahead and get the tire and tube before the...
  19. Thanks Randy

    I really do like the personality of the R100RT as you probably do too - yes, it is a judgment call and the bike was a garage queen for all of its life so no real exposure to the sun on a long term...
  20. Looking for logical tire advice about longevity

    I purchased a 1982 R100RT with 24,600 miles on it recently - back tire had some wear so I replaced with new AVON and new tube -

    Here is a question for someone who may be very knowledgeable about...
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    Sticky: My Fantastic 1982 R100RT-Tallahassee Tech Day

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""...
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    St. Johns, Florida

    North St. Johns County (Fruit Cove) with my new '82 R100RT just purchased:thumb
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