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    R60/5 back

    I went and looked at a '72 R60/5 today for sale. Could not get it started. Seller is headed out on vacation with his family so we decided to hold off till they return. Plus it gives me some time to...
  2. Arkansas

    Thanks. Hope to meet you out around Conway, or Hwy 7 some day.
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    Two years later.... and it's still TOO DAMN HOT!

    Nothings changed. It's nearly JULY and too DAMN HOT HERE TOO!
  4. Arkansas - not just for Hillbillies anymore. We ride BMW's too..

    I just recently joined the MOA. Am on my (our) second BMW. Just sold a really fun 2003 F650GS. That was kind of a fun and easy way to get back in to motorcycling again after many years off of one. ...
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