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  1. R100GS tires mix bias ply front with radial rear?

    I'm researching new tires for my 1991 R100GS, and it looks like the best rated tires from Metzeler and Michelin (the Tourance, and Anakee) offer me a bias ply front 90/90-21 with radial rear...
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    Twin Clicker continued

    After first being told by a Fox Rep that the bushings were no longer available, I went up the chain and found that there is a "spherical bearing" complete conversion kit available. I ordered the...
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    Fox Twin Clicker Bushings

    I had Fox rebuild the Twin Clicker for my 1985 R80RT.

    However, they did not replace the bushings in the eyelets of the shock, which are shot, so the shock is unusable.

    I ordered the BMW parts...
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