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  1. My new BMW friend test rode the bike:

    Hey guys, the guy who replied to my thread set up an appointment and actually rode the Beemer I'm interested in ('74 R90/6) and he even sent me 9 pictures and gave his assessment of the bike. I think...
  2. Thanks!

    Thanks for all your helpful input guys. I had a guy email me and he is going to try to see the bike and test ride this week! Problem is, the bike owner says he's busy in meetings for the next couple...
  3. Can anybody test ride a bike in Chicago for me?

    Hey Guys,

    I'm new to the club and back in the States from 7 yrs in SE Asia and looking for an airhead classic, specifically a '74 -'76 R90. I've found a good one, I think, in Chicago, but I'm 8...
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