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  1. Ready for Some Fun & Good Times!

    I'm looking forward to this in a big way. Great venue, great crowd, great event!
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    Oh well, I guess that's not going to work. Looks...

    Oh well, I guess that's not going to work. Looks like Burns Moto is going to have the answer, but it's not what I really wanted. Thanks for all your help.:thumb

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    Don - Thanks for your fast reply. I think I found...

    Don - Thanks for your fast reply. I think I found the answer to one part of my question...the USB pins 1 and 4 in the connector are fed by or feed (as the case may be) a red and black wire...
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    2008 R1200RT - GPS Outlet power output?

    I have been using the GPS power point near the back of the headlights on my R1200RT to power a Garmin StreetPilot. I'm now using my iPhone w/Waze for GPS navigation, and would like to power it from...
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    Auditory Nerve Issues = Tinnitus

    I got the analysis from the Doc at the Mass. Eye & Ear Infirmary two days ago. My tinnitus is not the result of all the FBI-related gunfire to which I was subject, it's due to some sort of...
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    +1 on On-board computer.:thumb Technically in...

    +1 on On-board computer.:thumb Technically in German it's "Bord Computer" and repeatedly pressing the BC button brings you through each of the available readouts. Once you get to one which is...
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    R1200RT - 13,000 MI on Front Michelin PR3

    While on a MA/CA/MA trip a year ago, I had some maintenance work done at San Jose BWM in CA. Willie Hodgson did the work and said that 42# front and 42# back (Michelin PR3s - "B" Model rear BTW) was...
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    Michelin just started selling the next...

    Michelin just started selling the next generation: Pilot Road 4. I haven't figured out the differences yet, but they come in three versions (maybe like the "B" version for the rear tire in the PR3...
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    It didn't seem like you'd gotten an answer. FWIW,...

    It didn't seem like you'd gotten an answer. FWIW, I have two "Optimate4" battery which is on my 2008 RT whenever it's in my garage, and another which goes on Mrs. ExGMan's BMW...
  10. Eye to GPS Distance?

    Maybe this is too late to mention this, but I found that when I mounted my admittedly small-screen Garmin 2820 above the speedo on a shelf on my RT, I could not see it. My vision is corrected to...
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    Wunderlich Vario Risers

    I've had these ( on my 2008 RT for three years. They come in two colors and two models (2005-2009, 2010 & later). They bring the...
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    Optimate 4 - SAE Pigtail to Odyssey battery

    I keep the bike/battery connected to the Optimate 4 all the time except when riding or on a trip. Never any problems with it.

    I use a second Optimate 4 on Mrs. ExGMan's 4-wheel BMW 530xi when it...
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    NHTSA Suzuki Recall over Brake Problems

    From the NYTimes 10/27/2013 -

    The Suzuki recall covers 2004-13 GSX-R600 and GSX-R750 models, as well as 2005-13 GSX-R1000s, according to a report from Suzuki. The motorcycle manufacturer says...
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    Rear-Brake Lockup At BMW Performance School

    A couple of years ago (2011) I took a one-day on-road course at the BMW Performance Center in which we used (mostly) R1200GS and GS(A) bikes supplied by BMW. One of the exercises in the school was...
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    FWIW, I paid about the same for the 24K service...

    FWIW, I paid about the same for the 24K service at San Jose BMW (again while on a trip). At that service, they also replaced the alternator belt. Mine was more because I have Wunderlich covers over...
  16. Extended Warrantee Companies?

    Hogwide - I have only had experience (this one claim) with National Auto Care. I don't have any knowledge of other companies. I hope that National Auto Care would provide the same (excellent) degree...
  17. Scot, et al - OP here. The BMW Tech who...

    Scot, et al - OP here. The BMW Tech who discovered my FD failure told me that it was a bearing failure, based on symptoms (sounds, feel and the like) but not based on disassembly. BMW advised the...
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    Sounds Like A Good Deal!

    if it's got a clean history, I'll bet it will be a great find for you. FYI, there was a recall for what's called the "ring antenna" which is part of the security system for the bike. That may have...
  19. Greg - I tried to send you two PMs

    Greg - I tried to send you two PMs lengthy one and another shorter. Somehow I think vBulletin ate them. My email is: Try me there, and we can talk on the 'phone so I...
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    I had a R1200GS-W loaner for a couple of days....

    I had a R1200GS-W loaner for a couple of days. There was plenty of room for my 6'4"/36-inseam/225# body. Low-end grunt was definitely not missing, throttle response was smooth & linear, and the...
  21. Perhaps there's some indication of mysterious...

    Perhaps there's some indication of mysterious dealings with the issue in that my dealer was told by BMW that no longer were rebuild parts available for an FD failure...only a complete new unit. That...
  22. Actual Cost of Final Drive Replacement

    I picked up the bike two days ago (I had been away for two weeks out of the country). For those who are interested in the specifics, all the parts came to $1951.60, and labor came to: $150.40....
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    Here's the way to go: ...

    Here's the way to go:

    Photo taken on US1 in Key Largo, FL...
  24. Resolution of Final Drive Failure

    I heard from the Service Manager of the BMW dealership which is working on my RT. He said that BMW is sending an entirely new final drive unit from Germany to replace the FD in my RT, thus this is a...
  25. I vote for option 3, if the power is gone...

    I vote for option 3, if the power is gone completely. Speed down the road on a motorcycle is similar to having altitude in an airplane which experiences power gives you time to make some...
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