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  1. Pull back not up

    The centrestand design offers good mechanical advantage. Try pulling the bike back rather than up to maximize the action.

    Removing the side and top boxes is a real help. And, as others have said,...
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    Even In Canada...

    BMW dealers are not very frequent. Yet, my bike is running flawlessly, as I would expect. Warranty is almost over, but the few problems have been resolved near home, thankfully. At 26,000 km, I would...
  3. Departing Vancouver Wed July 16 am Heading East

    Time to head back to Toronto. Not as far from home as you, but it's a ways!

    Taking TransCanada to Hwy 3 to Lethbridge. Let me know if this suits you at all.
  4. Yes, had that too

    In this case, it is definitely coming from the tube in my photos. Sure would like to know the location of the other end of the tube...
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    Tank been off?

    Using fuel creates a vacuum. There must be a way to let air into the tank. If this is partially plugged...

    I had an anti-tip valve and hose on the tank on my Triumph. If the tank was off and the...
  6. Better Picture Here

    I was not happy about the pictures I first took, so tried again. I like this one better. Arrows and text too.


    This should help someone identify the tube.

    The spring is the centrestand...
  7. Found the source of the oil

    There is a drain tube from somewhere that exits above the centrestand leg on the right side. The oil is coming from the tube, onto the stand leg, then to the ground.

    Here is a picture:

  8. Curious about minor oil leak - 2011 R1200RT - after oil change

    I had the dealer change my oil and inspect the bike before the 10,000 km trip I am now half way through. After the oil change, with the bike on the side stand for one day, all ok, but on day 2, a...
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    Thanks folks. I'm safely in Duncan BC and will...

    Thanks folks. I'm safely in Duncan BC and will soon be returning East from here. Watching the flooding along the route and will stick around here until it's clear the Trans Canada is clear.

  10. In addition to the microswitches, there might be...

    In addition to the microswitches, there might be a problem with the bar switch cluster. Just had both replaced under near expiring warranty on my 2011. Had noticed the resume function was iffy some...
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    My Knees Hurt Too

    ... and I get hip cramps. It's the way my body is built, not damage, thankfully. I lowered the pegs on my RT and that helps but does not eliminate it. Ibuprofen is a help on my current trip Toronto -...
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    Going West Tomorrow Morning

    I will be leaving from Mississauga (West of Toronto) tomorrow AM and heading for Oregon, then up to Anacortes, over to Vancouver Island, then back home via the Trans Canada Highway. Well, that is the...
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    I'm guessing here, but I figure 4 to 8 ounces...

    I'm guessing here, but I figure 4 to 8 ounces would do it. I usually add 4 ounces only, then check it after the next run.

    My 2011 does not burn much oil w/ 20K km now. In 2012, a short cruise...
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    Same here. Have found that adding a small amount...

    Same here. Have found that adding a small amount of oil, say 4oz seems to eliminate the warning light "problem".
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    Did they provide the bolts? If so, they should...

    Did they provide the bolts? If so, they should know the recommended torque. Else, you will have to look up the max allowable torque for the type of metal and diameter of the bolt. When I did my...
  16. Excellent point. In my case, the bike was in the...

    Excellent point. In my case, the bike was in the shop for over an hour before they did the pressure check. Time enough for tires to cool. And, the shop was probably about 68 degrees.
  17. I posted recently that my dealer investigated my...

    I posted recently that my dealer investigated my report of a possible mis-reading on my 2011 RT. He found my reading matched two other trusted shop gauges, but the new one issued to the tech who...
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    Nice Topic

    I lusted for a BMW back when I started riding with a Honda 350 in 1973. I wanted to ride across Canada to the west coast. I did that in 2012, finally, but across the US and then back through Canada....
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    Staples has sheet-type magnifiers

    I recalled seeing a sheet-type magnifier at Staples, and just searched for magnifier. Credit card and letter size are available.

    These are a form of Fresnel lens. A simple lens is thick, but if...
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    Diagnosed Dec 2007 ...

    ... with moderately aggressive Prostate cancer. Since it had spread outside the capsule, avoided surgery and received 39 external beam radiation treatments. Did have hormone treatment with expensive...
  21. Rings a bell...

    Now that Paul identified the bolt, I recall the dealer having to fix that on my bike. Under warranty. Apparently, it is a common occurrence. May be a factory assembly fault?
  22. More info on TPMS by academics

    I found a paper, thanks to Google, that may help some of you understand the difficulties facing engineers developing TPMS systems. I am not sure the paper helps us BMW owners much, but it is...
  23. I've had a couple of leaks after dealer service...

    I've had a couple of leaks after dealer service or around the time of needed service. The dealer dealt with them all as they happened, explained there are some known issues, and they have not...
  24. Thread: Keys

    by BMW Triumphant

    2 keys, 2 alarm fobs. 1 plastic key

    That's what I believe all new bikes come with, if they have the alarm. 2011 1200RT, bought new. The plastic key - put it on a string around your neck.
  25. I think they do

    If I recall rightly, should you have a puncture there is a warning light that you are losing pressure. Don't have the manual handy, but I think it is in the upper warning area on the RT.

    Oh, I...
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