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  1. Thread: Pix of your rig

    by 44398

    Sticky: 2004 R1150 GSA Hannigan Dualsport Rig

  2. Sticky: Vintage Air Training Pic

    The Dec 2008 issue of BMWON gives well deserved praise to David Hough"s long time efforts to provide to provide training to both two wheel as well as three wheel motorcycle riders. In the early 80s,...
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    Sticky: Old and Dirty

    One of my best GS rides was the 2001 BMW sponsored GS Ride thru the Ocala National Forest, during Bike Week. Jimmy Lewis led the pack and did some training on deep sand and offroad riding techniques....
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    Sticky: Old & New!

    Got started riding BMW's back in the 70's on a R60/2 and in the 80's decided to hack it because the bike already had factory sidecar tabs on the frame. Rode the /2 rig since then on a regular basis,...
  5. Intermittent Elect. Power Loss - 04 R1150GSA

    Several times now, after riding 1-2 hrs, and I stop and turn off the engine. When I go to turn the ignition back on, I find the display blank, and after turning the ignition off and on a couple of...
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    Great Job Jeff

    Jeff ....... You put a ton of work into this page...the info, pics and organization are all well thought out. Tks. LARRY

    Larry Robison
    Suttons Bay, MI
    1968 R60/2 Sidecar Rig
    2004 R1150GSA...
  7. Sticky: 1968 R60/2 Sicecar Rig

    This is a project I started back in the late 70's when I purchased the bike from a friend after his wife put it into a culvert. Repaired the front end with all new used parts I purchased while...
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