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  1. What a trip!

    Mark and Ros,

    What a great adventure! There are many of us here in the US who are envious of your trip. You've done your homework well in your trip planning to hit the highlights and miss the...
  2. What a perfect way to start the riding season...

    What a perfect way to start the riding season Tom. Great scenery, great road, nice GSA.

    But now I've got fuel tank envy. Makes my GS tank seem puney.

    Let me know if you want to explore some...
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    Thanks for the input guys. It's greatly...

    Thanks for the input guys. It's greatly appreciated.

    DarkCloud - it may do it in the lower gears, but seems to be most noticable in 4th & 5th - with the clutch engaged.

    I'd like to think the...
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    2000 GS Vibration at 4,000 RPM

    So.... I've got almost 40,000 miles on my GS and it's just recently developed a vibration while riding at highway speeds. It's worse at 4,000 RPM in 4th & 5th gear and seems to lessen when I engage...
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