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  1. Trying to Locate a Former Independent Dealer in Niles ,MI

    I'm trying to find an independent repair shop who did work for me in the past but the number I had for him has been disconnected. I was wondering if anyone has any information on him. His name was...
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    My first K bike was a 91 K100RS traded it in for new 98 K1200RS which I still have and love. Just recently bought a 91 K1. Love them all
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    I just bought a 91 K-1 (black) At one time I had...

    I just bought a 91 K-1 (black) At one time I had a 91K100rs but I have a few question if anyone can answer for me. How many K-1's were made in 91? What is the ABS switch for on the left side of...
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