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  1. Sena SR10

    now I have located the device that will enable me to interface the GMRS to the bluetooth system - the sena SR10. The question now is which bluetooth system to get with the GTL. BMW ? Scuberth?...
  2. so?

    Does that mean what you have does work, but only with a quarter mile range?
  3. 2012 GTL - Bike to Bike Comm, Retaining Bluetooth ?

    OK, so I'm looking to trade my '06 R1200RT for a 2012 K16GTL. Right now, I have the Baehr Capo, which gives me passable bike-to-bike communications. Used to have GMRS, and the quality of...
  4. Replies

    Foundation - Safety Forum

    The Foundation would be glad to "oversee" such a forum. BUT: we will need someone to step up and assume the role of moderator. There is already way more to get done that our small Board can...
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