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  1. Probable causes of your problems R69S

    Running hot on one side, and the symptom of one header pipe being a lot bluer, and for a longer distance, is differential timing. In other words, one cyl is running ahead of, or behind in timing.
  2. Sticky: The Latest addition - 1921 Victoria KR-1 powered by the M2 b 15 BMW engine


    This is my latest project, a 1921 Victoria, powered by a BMW M2 B 15 engine, as later used in the BMW R32 of 1923. Yes, before BMW made a motorcycle, they sold engines to other...
  3. Thread: Anybody home?

    by vechbmw

    [QUOTE=typ181r90;928655] When you get into...

    When you get into prewar, your into a whole new ball game. They are not for the faint of heart, due to the lack of parts, and the usual abused terrible condition they are in, if and when you find...
  4. Thread: Anybody home?

    by vechbmw

    Home in the shop almost 7 days a week anymore

    [QUOTE=typ181r90;928114]Engine and frame are matching numbers for a 57 R60, not on the orphan list however.

    There's going to be a lot of playing around with building that engine as I'm finding I...
  5. Broken valve springs plus some observations

    Having worked on Earles fork twins for many years, I can tell you that what happened is pretty rare. However, new valve springs, both inner and outer are still available new.
    The part numbers...
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    RE: Does this valve look good to you?

    Looks are not really that much of a consideration. You have to do some measuring and examination here.
    1. if you mount these valves in a valve grinder, or a lathe, by the stems, and turn them...
  7. Thread: Rare Color

    by vechbmw

    Chrome Parade tanks

    [QUOTE=20774;847005]I've never seen one, although I think Vech might have one in his museum.

    I do have one. For an R26/R27. Chrome, with "dover white" or Bavarian Creme or whatever you like...
  8. The R4 as of Sept 24th.

    Over the weekend, I got the tank back from the pin stripe artist. I have installed it, with the original English type, brass slide blade petcock (which I had to hand make the internal cork sealing...
  9. The R4 as of Aug 27th

    I finally got the nickel plated header pipe back from plating.
    After the previous modifications, it turned out looking very good, and fits fairly well.

    In this photo you can see the header...
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    R69S koccks - coil?

    Also, one last thing, but the coil is a replacement, and is marked "emerald island". I have it in my head that these were the coils that were known for being a bit dodgy. Was this the case?

  11. Post Vintage Bike photos from the 2012 National

    Here is Jack Wells and Naomi Longergan, on Jack's R75, pulling an anti tank cannon, and myself (Vech) on my R75 pulling out in the street on the morning of July 20th. Unfortunately, my buddy, David...
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    R69S rebuild?

    We have crates already made to hold the bottom end of the engines, less the heads and cyls. Call Bench Mark Works and ask for me. I'll be happy to tell you everything you could be facing...
  13. Thread: Solo Seat Sag

    by vechbmw

    Solo seat sag


    Something is wrong here. Is the nose bracket bent for the nose of the seat?
    Has the front part of the internal wire frame unplugged itself from the rear part?

    Perhaps you should pull...
  14. July 31st R4 update

    I laced and trued the rear wheel over the weekend, and mounted a 350 x 19 Metzler block C tire on it. Within a few days, I will have the gas tank back from the painter. The tank is two tone, (as...
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    New valve cover

    What can I say? We have them in stock. Very high quality, from the supplier who makes them for BMW.

    Bench Mark Works. Give us a call..


  16. Yep, it's a big header pipe.

    That is because it is! The R4 is a 400 cc single, and it has a 40mm header pipe!

    That is bigger than the 38mm pipes of the /5.....

    Here is a close up view, of the extension piece that I made...
  17. R4 - fitting the exhast system

    Needless to say, as with most reproduction prewar parts, they never fit correctly.

    I bought a header pipe out of Poland. This is the second one I ordered, since the first one that came out of...
  18. R4 photo as of July 16th

    In this photo you can see that the front wheel is now in place, along with the battery and the tool box (which is directly behind the battery). The horn is quite visible in this photo. I checked...
  19. The R4 fuel strainer/gas gauge

    Here is a straight down view of the duplicate brass fuel gauge/ fuel strainer that I made last weekend. I made both the top flange and bottom flange out of brass on the lathe. I made the...
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    Runs fine, but in 4th it develops a knock about...

    Runs fine, but in 4th it develops a knock about 50% of the time. IÔÇÖm not going nuts speed wise, about 60 or so. I can get that knock in 3rd sometimes, and it seems to happen more under load. ...
  21. progress as of July 13

    In this photo you can see that the leaf spring, and support bow, has been installed, and the brake backing plate is now bolted in place on the right side of the support bow. You can also see the...
  22. RE: Where do you find these things?

    Well, it's all quite random. I just luck out, when it comes to finding old BMW's. But, since I'm getting old (61) and have been a vintage enthusiast for the last 40 years and am in the restoration...
  23. R4 documentation

    One added tidbit that was with the bike is the original German vehicle registration book, with the names, and dates and official government stamps for the bike, since 1932. This is the first page...
  24. Another progress photo R4

    This is the latest progress photo. The hand pin striping is finished on the frame, front end, and front fender. The front fender was hell to install. Very tight squeeze, and very tricky to get...
  25. Another R4 progress photo

    I managed to get quite a bit done over last weekend. I spent two solid days working on it. From this view, you can see the final drive is installed, with the nickel plated sheet metal cover over...
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