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  1. 1990 Paris Dakar 1000, I just got one and heard Stories about "CIRCLIP)

    Why do half says replace or repair first before it goes bad.

    Others say never a problem. This one has 55,000 on it and previous owner says "what's a circlip" Rides OK no noise in the trans.
  2. Going to Bucharest in June, Need insurance, phone info on Europe

    Going to drive across Europe, will need insurance for a bike registered in USA, can some one recommend insurance for overseas?

    How do the cell phones work? I am told you just walk in a store and...
  3. Looking for the Ohio Club members, Bob and Bart

    Hey, guys, from the Pirates at Knights Key, to Holiday Travel Park in Daytona, to Paonia. we have met. But, I lost the phone and address of the two above. Can any one help.
    contact ...
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    Nice to know someone has a beemer in the Poc in the Nose

    OK, I am in Moscow and would like to attend, Why not contact the Black Diamond Beemers in Scranton they might attend if there are free something's. Some are very knowledge able, The meeting is...
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    Used Marsee Tank Bag will fit, $20.00 to $30.00 at a flea market

    Why does everyone think they have to have the proper attire and junk for their bike. Last tak bag was a flea market special for the 09 RT. Just get the right shape, use a bungee for attaching the top...
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    I had two 1200RT's and '06 and now a '09 135K on the ' 06 and 53K on the 09

    Great bikes, no problems with the 06 except one fuel strip, at 135,000 when I went to sell it, it ended up going to some one who sells them for parts. That was a shame as it ran good, but needed a...
  7. Sale of a 09 R1200rt? Saw the flea markets, ton of RT's for sale. Do they sell?

    I was thinking of posting my low R1200RT for sale, but there are so many listed. Is this the place to sell them?
    They also seem high priced. Does anyone have experience selling in the flea market??...
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    lighthouse, private or otherwise good picture of a 278C GPS

    really neat to see the "private" lighthouse and the 276C
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    a easy Picture to HELP find the subject

    I hope this can be of help..

    I notice that there are a few missing, But it looks good
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    distorted lens problem, of course, question was a TRAP

    AH HA, you correctly got the answer, neither are crooked, fortunatly as a former Graphic's person, I also knew it. Usually I carry a few cameras but on THE RT, I dont always have the room, This is a...
  11. Store Bike in Denver, fly East, return, ride to MOA Rally, Rockies etc HELP

    Just before Christmas, I responded to a EBA post about a '99 Yamaha Venture. It was a Bike for sale.

    Strangely, being that I have had over 37 bikes in my 50 years of riding (Currently have a /6...
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    Lighthouse, Anastasia

    Here is a picture of the northeren light near St Augustine. Not a good shot but meets the needs. Anastastia Island

    Great trip up from Daytone on A1A. walked on the Flats near mantanza state park,...
  13. camping at Bike week, still at Holiday travel Park

    I called them and found out that there will be BMW's camping at Holiday off I 95 exit 278. The airheads of Florida apparently will not have the usual set up but many Beemers will be there. I have...
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    Mt Dora and Me, Light house and the light

    When I whent there after Berry showed a picture, I went about 2 hrs from Holiday Travel Park and Campground via the back roads. Diverted to a great "Fish Camp'.
    got to MT DORA, found the "light" was...
  15. Camping in Daytona bike week? air heads others

    any good spots with wifi, Bmw guys and gals, safe, campfire, pool etc. and close to the action

    Isn't there a place where the Air heads camp? or used to.:blah
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    Keep it fun and find the light. SINCE some are too small or not seen

    Maybe a "picture of the LIGHT" from a book or booklet or from the head Light finder, with a close spot and the BMeemer picture with a discription of as "close as you could get" and still have a...
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    Light house in Florida, need a additional rule

    I was corrected in not having the RT in a picture of the St Mark's Light House. So I dashed out and took this picture of the bike (r1200Rt) and a light house.Please note the the LH is large in the...
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    Florida Coastal Search, Light house and stuff

    I don't know what if this is OK to put in your thread, but this was on the beach near the big Red Lighthouse near Daytona. Traveling the state under duress from the Law.
    OH, B.T.W. hey, anyone...
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    great Idea Chuck, can you help here?

    I have done a few, and think they are a great find. Best so far was the one on the panhandle. Civil War battle there. Dog gone, getting so Old, cant remember the name. Maybe you can help> St....
  20. Scranton to Idaho and wandering around than back early MAY

    Well, here goes, in a moment of weakness, I purchased a complete motorcycle in Idaho on Ebay. It seems that I bid really low and didn't expect to get it. So a few days later, I was notified I was a...
  21. Title available in Nevada and can also regester in Maine

    OK, looks like they want about 200 USD to do research and do the paper work, I have contacted them after looking on the web.

    I have also sent info to Maine, who can also register the Uni-go.

  22. Uni-go Maine regestration

    Unbelievable, you don't even have to be a resident. It just goes to show you how dumb all of this registration stuff goes.

    OK, I am working this all out, I am sure I will be ready for the Spring....
  23. reply on Salvage for Unigo...Very interesting reply great..salvage

    Yes indeed, I head for the DMV info today. Every one has been most helpful.
  24. UNI-go and no title friday 3 pm est

    Many thanks, I will be trying all attempts, Always easier in the end to do it right, because of the next buyer.

    from Home made idea, to just slapping the plate on from the Bunk house on it, I have...
  25. UNI-go and no title

    Thanks Ken F, I have already considered that as I still have the BUNKHOSE Plate, good thinking, I will contact him and see how it goes, I wonder if the states check the vin numbers against each other...
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