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    Affordable Y-Pipe + Great Function

    Hi all,

    In the beginning of June, I ordered a y-pipe from Motad (, which is located in the UK.

    They make a stainless...
  2. Thanks for weighing in!

    Hi all,

    Thanks for all who responded - I value your inputs and appreciate your experiences! I see that a common thread here is that trickle chargers help batteries last longer, which is a very...
  3. Battery Tender...

    Hi Darryl,

    My introduction to BMW motorcycles was my '94 R100GS, which never had a problem with charging, just like my '04 GSA. However, I can understand that older bikes might not have charging...
  4. Whether or not battery tenders are really necessary


    I've ridden lots of different motorcycles over the last 40 years and other than a 1991 Suzuki GSX1100F that really did need to be hooked to battery life-support every minute that I was not...
  5. Hello Ian and Paul, In my Internet search for...

    Hello Ian and Paul,

    In my Internet search for a good deal, I ran across another forum that mentioned a group buy on Ohlins - this was back in 2009.

    However, it would be an excellent idea to...
  6. Happiness is getting a BIG discount on your Ohlins shocks!

    Hi all,

    For those who missed club/forum bulk buys and are in the market for Ohlins shocks, has a fairly good price on shocks and when you use your AMA membership number during...
  7. Thread: wunderlich

    by bobnmona

    Expensive, but good products...

    I've purchased things from them for my R100GS and R1150GSA - every transaction was a pleasure and I love looking through their catalog!

    I met them this last year at the International Motorcycle...
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    Hi and welcome!

    Hello sacradiliac,

    From another NorCal guy, I'm glad you found the site! I've been riding going on four decades, but I've only owned a Beemer (a '94 R100GS) for around five years. It's a good...
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    To me, it was the "last bike I'd ever buy"...

    When I started riding nearly 40 years ago, I thought that BMWs were about the ugliest bikes ever built, not to mention some of the slowest and I told myself I'd never buy any. I started on Triumphs...
  10. Thread: headlight

    by bobnmona

    Hi ashly12 and all, In my opinion,...

    Hi ashly12 and all,

    In my opinion, criminaldesign and Sit have it - HID low-beam that is aimed correctly beats everything I've ever tried. I have a '04 GSA which is different from your 1200RT,...
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