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    Watch out for the oil cooler release trick!

    If the engine isn't fully warmed, some oil can stay trapped up in the cooler and make it look low. Make sure motor is thorougly warmed and wait time per manual to check for oil to settle. I...
  2. Next track day is Sept 23

    Had one this Monday but due to overseas business trip and jet lag from same, I skipped it :( You need 110% at the track and 150% for an RR, and I didn't want to chance fatigue/tiredness slowing me...
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    2010 R1200GSA Oil usage

    Mine has app. 12K on it and still uses a bit but it has slowed. Anyway a GS/GSA totally, completely, and absolutely "out-cool factors" a super Tenere' :nyah
    It also looks like it is supposed to have...
  4. Dtc

    Nope: didn't buck at all, just gently let the wheel skip app 1/8" or so from the ground and worked as advertised, IMO. You could feel it but it wasn't a showstopper. My GF couldn't see it from...
  5. First track day with RR out of Dealer Mode...

    Well, I worked up to it and eventually went WOT on the front straight of Putnam Park Sunday. Can you say: "where's the TP?" :brad After a whole day, was still not used to the amount of acceleration...
  6. Hornig Rear Passenger Peg Replacement Tie-Downs

    Welll....after several hundred miles on the trailer to last track day, the sharp edges on the interior did cut into the tie-down straps a bit. I'll be having a local machinist friend put a 1/8" or...
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    It's tough to say...

    That's a tough one, and hard to say for certain. With 3K on them I would probably replace just for the insurance factor (don't want to fail tech inspection). Pilots are a reasonably priced tire, too....
  8. Some Aftermarket Parts Reviews on my 2012...

    1.) R&G "No Cut" Frame Sliders for S1000RR - got a set of these and they performed as advertised, have a nice aerodynamic teardrop look, and no issues.

    2.) Hornig Mirror Caps for trackday prep -...
  9. A Neat BMW Limited Edition...

    But if the HP2 was any indicator, I'll bet it comes in at 25K or so.

    Take a 'stock' S1000RR (haha, sure doesn't feel like it) and add the following:

    16.5K base Price

    2.8K BST CF Wheels ...
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    Weather/type of riding controls gear choice. I have been slowly buying gear to fit all riding types and as much of the weather as can be done.

    On the track or being a touch naughty on the...
  11. 800/1200gs

    Everyone's gonna say it - the 800GS is better offroad due to weight/size/maneuverability but the 1200GS/GSA will truly eat some highway. Got a 542 mile day off mine last year with seat pain being the...
  12. Enjoy!

    Sadly, no rally for me this year - slight medical problem with kidney stones make the ride to Sedalia not doable. It's minor and will be done soon but having one move on a ride would be very...
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    I have several - if there is traffic in front of me and no way to dodge - left hand down palm out (wonder if that is instinctive sign language). Do the mirror look, too. Avoid car gaggles per David...
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    Well: on my first 2 track days, folks on...

    Well: on my first 2 track days, folks on R1200RT's were blasting past me while I was riding my Suzuki TL1000S crawtch racket - yes, it's the rider....:brad

    The tape is there to keep the glass...
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    Track Days

    Paul: I bought a set of "those" as a super bargain this year and have been to one. Yes, not nearly as good/safe as CLASS, etc. You have to watch out a lot more and don't expect any professional...
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    VIR Track Day 04-05 July - Link

    To Just Ridin' forum

    I have done 5 now, and each one has improved my riding lots. The biggest thing you'll notice is that you have...
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    2,084 track day 04 and 05 July 2012 VIR

    Great Course, Great Class, Great Instructors - 2 days, lots of motorcycles, and NO accidents! I first went to a CLASS session at Gingerman in MI last year and had a great time, and felt SAFE there....
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    By Louisville BMW - rode home in 100+ degree heat and no leaking oil! Taking out tomorrow EARLY so I don't die from the heat and getting some post-breakin miles (mostly for me since I haven't been...
  19. Paging Suttie - How was the track day???

    Mine is fixed but due to work, can't pick her up until Friday :( She'll be at VIR on 4th and 5th of July for her first track day, though. I'll be spending some weekend time doing some riding to get...
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    Good to hear one is being repaired! Not-so-good to hear about the missing loc-tite...things may be more than the 1% initially reported. I will add my results to the thread.

    My dealer has all...
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    That's a good one!

    Pro photographer??? I hope to have a similar one soon :)
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    Track Day Photo

    Putnam Park at Meridian, Indiana

    Wish I'd had some tassels for the tape on the Aux Lights... :brad

    Track time...
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    Makes you feel secure

    Went out for a 5 hour Sunday ride yesterday and encountered in this order:

    1.) Cat eating roadkill as I rounded a corner (cats are fast, not too much of an issue)
    2.) Car in my lane totally while...
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    Too Late...

    Too late - already have a track notebook :violin
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    Missed my track day with rr but...

    So I rode my 1200GSA - see thread linked.

    Day wasn't a total loss, and I learned my GS, which I use primarily for everything is very, very...
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