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  1. Thanks!

    On June 7 I asked if my problem was the Hall Sensor. Two of you, my friends, said yes. So, I took your word, ordered a new sensor, tore the bike apart, installed the sensor, put it back together,...
  2. Is my problem the same?

    Yesterday I rode 35 miles through light rain on my 97 r1100rt with 104,000. Not enough rain to get my pants wet, and only the sleeves on the jacket. It sputtered at a red light, then stalled but...
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    oxygen sensor

    What is a Techlusion? How do I know if it has been added to the bike? I'm assuming it won't hurt anything if I hook up the oxygen sensor, yes, there is one in the hole in the exhaust system. I...
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    Disconnected 0xygen Sensor

    I have a 1997 R1100Rt, am 3rd owner. I have the gas tank off for major winter maintenance and discovered the oxygen sensor wire that comes up from the exhaust is disconnected. The original muffler...
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    ride west

    I live in West Virginia and have ridden the Rockies. They are incredible; passes and views are worth the trip.
    West Virginia has great roads but not the open spaces nor the views. If you come to...
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    Heating swing arm bolts

    My 1997 R1100RT let me down. Seems as if splines in drive shaft are gone. I try doing most of my maintenance and repair myself. I have a heat gun rated to 500-700 degrees. The Clymer manuel says...
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