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  1. the original owner

  2. made a decision.......

    I just listed it for$2350. We'll see what happens.
  3. thanks for the input

    ........and I would take $3000 right now and not look back. I believe the buyer would be getting a fair deal as well. We'll see.
  4. misaligned tailpiece

    ...........and this is the tailpiece
  5. melted fairing

    this is the melted portion of the fairing......
  6. Picture of 2003 RT

    you cannot see the tail piece in this picture, but this is the side with the melted fairing piece. will upload up close picture of that also.
  7. The needle is broken, but the odometer still...

    The needle is broken, but the odometer still registers just fine. You can see where the speedometer moves and can guess at speed from that, but the needle itself is broken off. I always use my Zumo...
  8. Looking for suggestions on pricing a 2003 R1150RT

    I am the second owner of a 2003 R1150RT with 106K miles. I bought it in 2005 with 14K miles registered on the odometer. It has been professionally serviced since I have owned it with all...
  9. Anyone near Cincinnati willing to help with an out-of-towner?

    My brother and I both ride 2003 R1150RTs. We have a business friend who will be visiting from Germany in early October. I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to "trade" a few days on...
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    Do you have any GDB or GPX files available that...

    Do you have any GDB or GPX files available that document this trip?
  11. Travelogue for two decades of motorcycle trips

    Check out the web site using the link below to visit and share the trips I have made with my brother over the past two decades. Routes, pictures, and motel reviews are included for each of the trips...
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    Only Missing Hawaii and Alaska
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    San-Ran Motel in Robbinsville

    My wife and I stayed at the San-Ran Motel in Robbinsville last time we went to Deal's Gap. The owner was friendly and the price was right.

    You can check out my motel reviews at...
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    Time Warp?

    Is there some type of time warp on this forum?
  15. Hip Hip Ouray!

    The Million Dollar Highway is one of my favorites. Your pictures are great........especially the historic ones.
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    The Mojave Desert picture is unbelieveable. Nice job!
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    Nova Scotia and Newfoundland on R1150RTs

    Rather than post all of the pictures and ride details in the forum, please use the link below to access the trip my brother and I took in the summer of 2005 from Cincinnati, OH to Nova Scotia and...
  18. Suggestions for Dual Sport Trip in Wyoming?

    My brother and I are planning a dual sport trip to Wyoming next summer. We are tentatively thinking about establishing a "base camp" in Ten Sleep for four or five days and then moving south to Rock...
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