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  1. :ca Welcome to the club. I am in Mississauga...

    :ca Welcome to the club. I am in Mississauga but I love the roads out east of Toronto. Just returned from Ottawa on the 401 and noticed the sign for Shelter Valley road. I always thought I should...
  2. Rear engine seal...

    The only issue is the rear engine seal. It can fail and leak slowly and be an annoyance. It can also fail and mess up your clutch cause a replacement of clutch. There is a drain hole in the...
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    Sticky: hey sfarson, where was that great picture taken?...

    hey sfarson, where was that great picture taken? love to visit there and take my own picture
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    Thanks everyone!

    thanks guys, I will check out the bridge maybe stay at the hotel. Glad to hear there is not much triffic. I'm riding my GS and would love to ride the gravel roads but my buddies are to street bikes...
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    Allegheny National Forest, PA

    Has anyone rided around Allegheny National Forest? I assume the road are mostly paved. Is there much traffic in late August? Anything in paticular we should see?

    thanks in advance
  6. Advanced Rider Training

    I know Budds BMW, Toronto BMW and Open Road BMW organize a group for Advanced Rider Training. Check with them.

  7. I can't believe I've signed up for this!

    I haven't done that event (yet) but have done similar version and it is great fun. The event near Toronto is while I am away, so maybe next year.

    have fun and don't get too dirty!!!
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    R vs K?

    I have a R100 and had a K100RS.

    Both are great. But I found I rode the K100RS everyday, to the store, work, gym and on long tours. The R100 was for special Sunday afternoon rides. These rides...
  9. I ride a 2009 R1200GS with traction control. I...

    I ride a 2009 R1200GS with traction control. I think it is great. Accelerating hard left or right from a stop can be very exciting if there is gravel or the road is wet. But with traction control,...
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    signs of spring in southern Ontario

    yep, I was out all afternoon riding around Bolton, Palgrave, Orangeville. Still snow in the forests, road have lots of sand on them but it was great to get the GS out of the garage after a long...
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    I had a 89K100RS that had a bad negative battery cable that was causing weird symptoms. Poor idle, strange stalls. After fixing it and cleaning the common gounding point under the gas tank (look...
  12. This spring I will pick up my GS. Lostbearing

    This spring I will pick up my GS.

  13. , finally I took to the road.

    , finally I took to the road.
  14. then I couldn't decide if the dirt or the road...

    then I couldn't decide if the dirt or the road was better
  15. I loved to ride in the dirt,

    I loved to ride in the dirt,
  16. Old house in Ottawa valley

    out riding last summer in the Ottawa valley. I wonder if it is still standing? Maybe I should use that as an excuse to go for a ride next summer. :ca
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    CVMG Parris


    just got back from the motorcycle show in Toronto. I still say the best part are the old bikes. Looking forward to the Parris show in June.

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    Its going to be a long winter

    It hasn't started to snow in Toronto yet but I know it will soon. I just bought a R1200GS special edition tonight and asked that they store it for me until spring. Maybe that was a bad idea. If it...
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    Can a K100RS from Mississauga join you group to the rally?

    Hey BoxBoy100

    Can a K100RS from Mississauga join you group to the rally? I was also planning to taking secondary roads there. I rode to West Bend by myself and it was a little boring. Rather...
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    Daytona Orange, are you going to paint your blue K120GT?

    Hi Chris,

    By chance, are the Chris who meets the guys at Meadowvale Towncentre Sunday mornings?

    I am Jerry with the old silver R100 and the white/blue K100RS. Haven't been out to see you guys...
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    Daytona Orange K1200S in Mississauga,

    Today while out for a run and later for a ride, (Lakeshore Road, Mississauga, Ontario) I spotted a Daytona Orange K1200S. Looked great. :whistle If you are the owner, please post a picture.
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    K75RT Electrical issue

    How old is it? Older K bikes have dirty cable/connectors that cause problems.

    I had strange problems with my 1989 K100RS and it ended up being dirty and corroded cables, connectors. Check the...
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    Clutch housing tread buggered!

    Hi guys

    While trying to locate an annoying oil leak between the engine and transmission I had to remove the clutch. One bolt was seized. After stripping the head and drilling it out, I find...
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    F1 accident

    HA HA HA, that must be computer comedy.

    I like it.:ca

    Lost Bearings
  25. Hey GTA riders, did you go for a ride today?

    I live in Mississauga, beside Toronto, the great white north. But the last few winters were not very white. Last year I stored my bikes as always only to realize I could have rode all winter.
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