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    West Florida mechanic.

    By all means do your machine a favor and use Steve Kadelak from R.T.M. in Tampa. on N. Florida Ave.
    Steve lives for airheads, and U will not find a more thoughtful and caring mechanic anywhere. I...
  2. Poll: First BMW

    Okay, my turn.
    Bought a new CB650 Honda in July of '79. I was 23 y.o. Kept it until February of '80. With 8,000 miles on it she felt totally worn out. Had too many problems to list all of them. My...
  3. Thread: 1982 r100rs

    by krash721

    I also have an '82 RS that I bought new. Was...

    I also have an '82 RS that I bought new. Was originally the red smoke, which I also did not like. With the dingy looking flat black paint on the frame, and the unfinished look of the non-pinstripped...
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