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  1. long delay befoer bike will start 2009 r1200gsa

    I have an 2009 r1200gsa that when I turn key to start, it has a very long delay before anything comes on the dash to allow me to start ,have cleaned battery terminals checked all terminals still no...
  2. 2009 r1200gs

    Good luck finding out what the problem is .. my r1200gsa is an 2009 with 42,000 miles for the last 25,000 miles I have been without a fuel guage it reads 1/4 tank when its empty or full. that's not...
  3. clutch ware

    Thanks for the replys as I figured the clutch on the boxer seems to last as long as I expected it too, the guys I talked to must have been really in the friction zone ,my bike is just as It was when...
  4. How many miles can i expect befor clutch goes on my r1200gsa 2009mdl

    Heard a few costly stories on the cost of a clutch replacement on a r1200 motor! just kind'a trying to find out how long some of you high milers have made it before replacing???::dunno
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    Replaced battery, ,Ihave tried to shake the side...

    Replaced battery, ,Ihave tried to shake the side stand , while riding nothing ,have also tried to move around kill switch seems to be in good shape, only kills in when it is switched all way in the...
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    r1200 gsa 2009 intermitting start

    Has any body experienced a 3 to 10 second or sometimes even longer wait before any power is sent to controls so you can start bike ? also sometimes while shifting up through the gears it just shut...
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    2009 r1200 gsa intermitting start

    Has any body had trouble with an intermitting or delay in the ability to start YOUR R1200GSA WHEN you turn on switch, sometimes it takes up to 10 seconds or more before you can start .. and when...
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