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  1. I ride one of the best bikes in the world. But i am embarrassed on it... '05 R1200GS

    Why on earth does my bike have the crappiest horn? I ride a 2005 R1200GS. The horn is so puny that if i am traveling behind someone, they won't hear it. My old K75 had the loudest horn i ever heard...
  2. This is beautiful. Exactly what i was looking...

    This is beautiful. Exactly what i was looking for! Thank you!
  3. Ill check that out in the morning. I am mostly...

    Ill check that out in the morning. I am mostly sure from previous inspection that it looks just fine.
  4. Vario top box falls off during ride w/ passenger. DANGEROUS!!!! 2005 R1200GS

    Seriously scared myself here. I have a 2005 R12GS with the BMW Vario panniers and top box. The top box locks on to the mount, and while seems sturdy, CAN and WILL fall off when a passenger is using...
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    Best way to lock helmet? 2005 R1200GS

    New GS rider (new rider in general). What is the best way to lock my helmet to my bike? I have an expensive Nolan helmet that i would prefer not get jacked.

    I am open for any ideas, so i am...
  6. What is this website?

    What is this website?
  7. Where can i find the side tank panels for sale (2005 R1200GS)

    Hello all! Finally found the correct forum to post this to :P

    I just purchased a 2005 R1200GS and need to purchase a new side tank panel, specifically the left side. See attachment. The picture...
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    F800GS or R1200GS?

    I am going to be in the market soon to buy a used GS bike. I don't plan to do much off road riding, but i do want to do some long range riding when nature calls. I am a taller dude, and have sat on...
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