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  1. Thread: Bmw nav v

    by 109418

    Nav V

    On the options necessities scale I put the Nav V above the radio and Akrapovic sports exhaust (yeah I have all of these). If you have a smart phone it can do pretty much what the Nav V can do except...
  2. Back in action

    Got mine from the shop today and took the wife out to dinner and a nice evening ride in the mountains. Fantastic! :dance
  3. Bentonville

    I love those guys at Bentonville. If anyone is in that area, stop by for a chat, they are the old school of BMW bike sales; a most enjoyable visit.
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    Not a big deal

    Ethanol has a high affinity for water (bad), a lower BTU content per volume (bad), higher octane (good), and higher vapor pressure (bad) than petroleum based gasoline. However, you should be just...
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    Yes there is an interior light, the case is carpeted, has a flat bottom and can hold 2 full helmets. The only thing that would make the case better would be an internal power supply for recharging...
  6. Soon to be forgotten, me hopes

    I look forward to the day coming soon that this will be behind us and I will neither be reading nor writing in this forum because I will be RIDING. Hopefully this tread will fade into the past and...
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    I agree. The silver color of the top case matches the aluminum and the limited silver trim on the bike. The quality is top notch and the rear light is really bright. I was following a K1600 the...
  8. Keeping it in perspective

    I read today that GM is recalling over 550,000 automobiles for ignition switch defects. The articles said that 16 people have died as a result of this defect. While I think the do-not-ride order is...
  9. Pay tax on the difference

    From what I've read from other posts on this, you pay taxes on the difference in prices. So if you paid 22,000 on the RT and the GTL is 24,000, then you pay taxes on the 2,000 and not the entire 24k.
  10. I was told that the factory shuts down July and...

    I was told that the factory shuts down July and will likely retool for 2015 RT models when production on the RT restarts. Mostly with the same 2014 RT parts, just new paint and the keyless options.
  11. What about options? I have about $3000 of BMW...

    What about options? I have about $3000 of BMW options like tank bag, top case, and sports exhaust.
  12. A Lecture Really?

    While I don't buy the hyperbola and BMW bashing, I absolutely do feel *entitled* to ride my new RT. I accept that nothing is perfect not BMW and certainly not me. Everyone reacts differently and...
  13. Formalized Plans by Tomorrow Close of Business

    I was told that BMW is formalizing a list of options for 14'RT owners that will be communicated (to dealers) no later than close of business tomorrow. (That's right Friday the 13th. Funny that they...
  14. Welcome to the Forum and most of all welcome home.

    Welcome to the Forum and most of all welcome home.
  15. Good Comments

    Sam, well said. Support the brand and our fellow riders.
  16. I would not recommend anyone ride after BMW said...

    I would not recommend anyone ride after BMW said to not ride the bike. You will be responsible for anything that goes wrong, plain and simple. pjmaszczak, personally I want to give BMW a break here...
  17. Double check that

    My understanding when I talked to corporate was that BMW would contact the local dealer for me and work something out. You might want to double check with corporate, or then again maybe I heard...
  18. No Shocks

    From what I can tell there is only *one* manufacturer of ESA shock that will fit this bike and they totally muff'd it up. I don't expect any RTs are being manufactured, but that's just speculation...
  19. Looks like it will take all summer for a fix

    BMW corporate is saying that the current estimated date is August for a recall and the fix will come after that.:banghead In other words, no update until August. They say that they can provide...
  20. BMW preemptively contacted customers and is...

    BMW preemptively contacted customers and is preparing the recall filing. See the attachment from post #64, this is what BMW has emailed to me as well. I think it explains everything that has been...
  21. Dealer Response

    I believe all dealers where told to call anyone who had the ESA on the new 14'RT (which is practically everyone), so all your dealer had to do was to look at who bought the 3 bikes and give them a...
  22. Contact with Corporate

    I tried emailing corporate today. I made a pretty simple inquiry asking what the problem was and the timeline to resolve; I also mentioning that I had travel plans. I would like to know if anyone...
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    Cycleworld's Road Test

    2014 BMW R1200RT ? Road Test Review
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    Now I Get It!

    So around town I?ve thought shift assist was a meh-whatever, clever but not necessary really. Sometimes clunky even and I tended to use the clutch mostly. But after one hundred miles on the twists...
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    High RPM Shift Assist

    I just finished the break-in and had to leave town so I am not riding for a couple of weeks.

    I was just wondering how well shift assist works on the 2014 RT at higher rev ranges like 6000+. Has...
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