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    choosing the right food for thought

    35 mph speed zone and slowing down for the stop sign and banging down the gears to slow down and the unattentive bike muncher behind never sees a brake light, or doing so just to hear the noise in...
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    Inform this

    If you think about your engine braking needs at the time of application or situation, brake pads are a lot cheaper and easier to replace. Verses unnessasary wear and tear on the drive train. There's...
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    92 K75RTA final drive leak

    Returned home (Montana) from the MOA 40th anniversary Rally. 85k on bike. It appears the differential (final drive) is leaking at the oil seal (ring gear/axle seal) that is in the case cover of the...
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    92 K75RT starting problem

    ?Could some of this have to do with the hard starting problem (can smell raw fuel & have to throttle to start)(like its' flooded) encountered when left in direct sun. Riding from tank to tank no...
  5. Thank for the wisdom

    thanks for the info.
    Yes, races do have to be removed if replaceing the fluidbloc. The fluidbloc is no longer an available part (it is shown on the fiche, frame 31_0387 as item 2). So will leave in...
  6. 92 K75RT Fluidbloc (steering damper) silicone grease

    Looking for some wisdom on a grease to use for the steering damper inside the steering neck. calls for silicone 300 ( BMW prt# 07 58 9058193)but is no longer available. Everything tells me it is very...
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