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    A ModuleMaster Rebuild

    This is the route I chose: My ABS module had about 21K and Failed, as Don pointed out it is due to sticky brushes in the activating motor on almost all of the failures. ModuleMaster addresses the...
  2. Spark Plug Socket

    Recently performed a 24K service on My Bike while I had it tore down for the ABS Removal, rebuild and replacement. I have several spark plug sockets but none were thin enough to slide down the spark...
  3. ABS is Moscow, Idaho bound.

    Removed the ABS last weekend, Packaged it and sent it to Tyler at Module Masters in Moscow ID. I will update you on the progress.
  4. Amen!

    Maybe concentrate on QC for awhile, Final drives, ABS units, Oil Seals, Fuel Strips, :dunno
  5. Jstancampiano Were you able to remove the...


    Were you able to remove the motor stator from the ABS housing without removing the ABS unit from the bike?
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    Rear Seal ??

    I experienced the same on my 07.

    I would notice an burning oil smell at stop lights, or parking after riding a while.
    Your bike may have a different problem, however you might want to:
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    Thanks to all for your help!

    Thanks to all for your help!
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    Hi Don

    I am finally getting around to the ABS Change out.
    Thanks again for you help.
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    The Brushes

    [QUOTE=MPMARTY;853835]You speak of brushes as in an electrical motor. Does the later ABS (non whizzy) even have a motor?[/QUOTE

    The ABS unit has a motor that spins the pump. Some how the...
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    Service CD and DVD

    It list R1200GS, R1200RT and R1200ST (USA). It has the BMW logo. I believe it was advertized in the ON but could have been in one of the other periodicals I subscribe to.
    I also have a DVD by...
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    Marchyman, Thanks for clearing that up for me.


    Thanks for clearing that up for me.
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    Another ABS to be Removed for Brush Replacement.


    I will be performing the same operation on a 07 R1200RT in the near future.
    I just wanted to say thanks for sharing.
    I have been to a couple of auto parts suppliers in the last month...
  13. ABS units

    Thanks for sharing!
  14. ABS motor removal - 2007 R1200RT --


    I too would appreaciate any suggestions.
  15. ABS motor removal.

    As soon as it is to cold to ride, I want to address my ABS problem as well. I too would appreaciate any simplification of removal proceedure.

  16. Where is the Brush Spring

    I want to Thank You for your follow up on this problem!!

    It is hard to tell, but I do not see a spring behind the brushes. If they are there, good, they are needed to insure pressure to...
  17. I am with you! I currently have a 07 R1200RT...

    I am with you!
    I currently have a 07 R1200RT with 21k Miles that has been in the shop in Indy since the first of August to have the ABS module and Rear Main Seal replaced. I called two weeks ago...
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    Complete Service

    Just a heads up, I had the dealer where I purchase my 07 RT from perform the services as required at the recommended intervals and at least once a year.
    The invoice stated complete service, however...
  19. Niceeeeee!

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    2007 R1200RT -- BMW has dropped the price on IABS units

    I just got off the phone with the Indy BMW dealer Service Manager, the dealer that performed my last brake service and brake warranty work, after several questions about the ABS failure and rear seal...
  21. I visited the site; they do show a rebuild option...

    I visited the site; they do show a rebuild option for various BMW Motorcycle models pre-2007 for $350.00.
    I sent them an email asking if they are rebuilding the newer ABS modules yet, specifically...
  22. Don I approached it just like you would, I asked...

    Don I approached it just like you would, I asked Warren if he would mind contacting BMW to see if they would help out on these issues. He did say it would probably take about ten days for a...
  23. 07 R1200RT 21k Miles--Recieved ABS Diagnosis Today

    Received the diagnosis today from Sportland on the ABS issue associated with my 07 R12100RT with only 21K miles.

    It was a bad news day.

    ABS has bad pump.
    But I also asked them to look at...
  24. Don, I like you use the rear brake only at slow...

    I like you use the rear brake only at slow speeds, turning, or on surfaces where the front tire could loose traction. I still cover the rear break pedal out of habit when braking and I too...
  25. Currently I am not seeing any other low battery...

    Currently I am not seeing any other low battery voltage symptons.
    The OEM Battery was replaced about a year ago with an Odyssey, but I will check the voltage and plug in the Battery Tender.

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