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    My '88 GS has a similar problem. The Speedo...

    My '88 GS has a similar problem. The Speedo needle appears to be rubbing on the underside of the glass. new speedos are listed as "NA"..........
  2. A place in Nova Scotia

    If she wants to come a little further East, we have a place, and could suggest some rides (Cabot Trail ring any bells?)
  3. Keihin Y-pipe

    I replaced the collector box on an R100GS with the Y-pipe. Made the sound a little "throatier", but far from offensive. I do NOT care for loud exhausts, and I think this is acceptable
  4. Bumblebug

    A general note to several of the folks: The ferry from Cambobello to Deer Island ONLY RUNS IN JULY AND AUGUST. In May/June, you will end up returning to Lubec, and likely crossing into Canada at...
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