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  1. Great advice Don. I will be placing that order...

    Great advice Don. I will be placing that order tomorrow. Thank you.

  2. Oops, I think your right Ron, I did it...

    Oops, I think your right Ron, I did it backwards. But, I failed to mention above that I went back and hit the caliper again after the modulator with no change.

    But, I think I accidentally...
  3. 1994 K75RT Rear ABS Brakes have no back pressure

    So I drove about 10 miles into town and had rear brakes, pulled up to a stop light and the pedal bottomed out. There is no back pressure other than springs. Pumped several times with no change
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    Superbowl in Vegas

    I am planning a trip this weekend to Vegas to meet some freinds to watch the superbowl. I have only had the bike for about 6 months and have never left it overnight anywhere other than my garage. I...
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    Idle issues '94 K75RT

    I took my wife for a 400 mile ride around the Reno/Tahoe area and had a bit of trouble. The bike (1994 K75RT) ran fine for the first 200 miles but travelling from Wellington NV over the mountains...
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    New Member in Northern NV

    I live in Empire NV and was sitting at Bruno's gas station in Gerlach when a guy pulled up on a K75. I talked to him for about 10 minutes and was hooked. Two weeks later I am the proud owner of a...
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