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    Sticky: Poll: Glad you started the poll Don

    Maybe a few people will take the time to report to the NHTSA
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    Sticky: Poll: Now you know how I felt with 16 counterbalance and engine output seal going bad

    Of course no one should suggest that the MOA should take a proactive stance concerning yours and the thousands of other failed fuel strips. Just smile and hope that yours does not go bad after the...
  3. Great bike and you will love it especially went your leak is fixed.

    Ask them for a demo bike while yours is in the shop.
  4. Glad to hear your leak is getting repaired.

    Yea, I have seen my bike broken in half 8 times on my 2005 r1200gs, not a pretty sight. I have had 8 counterbalance seals replaced, six engine out put seals, 3 transmission input and 2 transmission...
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    Sticky: Poll: Could you imagine the up roar if 60% of the new iphone 5s failed?

    It just amazes me that according to the poll 60% of the voters have had one or more failures and there is not a group uproar aimed at BMWNA. Again I thank Don for putting this poll up so everybody...
  6. Good point concerning the accessories

    My insurance policy paid off the NADA of the bike plus up to $3,000 worth of accessories. I had around $4,700 worth of accessories on the bike so I was allowed to remove any accessories OVER the...
  7. Thanks ponch1

    And to top off a perfect weekend I just sold my damaged top case and mounting bracket for over $240 on ebay tonight. Sold my panniers last week for $595 on ebay and still have a couple hundred...
  8. Thanks ducster, so far I really like the bike

    Rode to breakfast Saturday morning but none of my riding buddies wanted to ride. The weather was perfect so on the spur of moment I decided to go on a two day trip. Called the wife and told her I...
  9. Good point Motodan.

    I just I need to remove the patches like when you are demoted in the army.

    I hate to say it but when people ask me what kind of bike I ride I miss saying "BMW". Most people expect you to say...
  10. Thanks John, I think I will

    The wee-strom handles as well as my GS except for when you hit ripples in the road at speeds over 70 mph. The big GS was smoother in situations like that. I have not checked it out, but the friend...
  11. The lowered suspension does affect the lean angle

    I have ridden lowered 2005 r1200gs for years and it does affect the lean angles. The pegs do scrape a lot earlier.

    It just make sense that is the pegs are lower to the ground that they will...
  12. Good News, all problem with leaking seals on my 2005 r1200gs finally solved forever.

    Everybody knows my leaking engine output and counterbalance seal saga, so I will not repeat the details.

    Well, while dual sporting with friends in Colorado the first two weeks of August I had a...
  13. Thanks to WD40 the Vario panniers are working fine.

    Do you know of any better solution that WD40 to put on the vario panniers to keep the rubber gasket from sticking?

    I will be posting the two panniers for sale on the MOA flea market later this...
  14. Need Help! Vario panniers will not expand on my 2005 r1200gs.

    I am having trouble trying to expand my Vario panniers. I have not tried to expand them in a long while and when I try to expand them the lever will not provide enough force to make them expand. I...
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    Sticky: Poll: No one is listening if they don't know about it.

    Don would you mind posting a new call to all owners that have had fuel strips fail to report the failure to the NHTSA. I know that you have asked voters to do this several times but maybe by putting...
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    Sticky: Poll: I appreciate Don putting this poll together but it appears that more is required.

    If over 60% of the voters(247) reported at least one failed fuel strip, but only 13 people have reported the issue to the NHTSA, then I doubt the NHTSA is very concerned about the fuel strip problem....
  17. Dadayama, thanks for the suggestion

    I looked at the Back Country Discovery Route web site and I think that will form the backbone of the riding for our trip. Good looking route that hits most of the areas we were planning to ride.
  18. Thanks Dan, I have Steve's book

    Great book and we are using it to help plan.
  19. Need advice on dual sport trails in Colorado for a August trip.

    Me and two buddies are hauling our 1200gs' and a Suzuki 650 Adventure to Colorado the first of August. We were out there around 5 years ago and did some dual sport riding and had a blast. This time...
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    Sticky: Poll: Cowboy, sorry for the failure, but now you have a 2 year parts and Labor warranty

    Save your receipt and if it shows any sign of failing be sure and bring in back to the dealer within the 2 year parts and labor warranty period.
  21. Cjack, that might work. But I think it would be easier to just wait a year or two.

    I am not saying anything bad abut BMW. It is just the first year production of any new product has bound to have some bugs in it. I would imagine that car manufactures can do a lot more testing on...
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    Sticky: Poll: Remember that each replacement is covered by a new 2 year parts and labor warranty

    Yea, that would get old. Good luck
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    I am aware of that. But is was not the torque that caused the problem

    According to BMW NA they discovered that was the anti-seizure coating on the bolts put on there by the bolt manufacture that caused the bolts to back out. The coating caused the torque value to be...
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    Loc-tite was not the problem according to BMW NA

    I spoke with Anthony Cavanaugh at BMW NA and he said that the problem was caused by an anti-seizure coating being placed on the rod bolts by the bolt manufacture. This anti-seizure coating is what...
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    You think you have problems, look at this guys problems that BMW will not fix.

    David Telfer has a new 1600 that now has 3 cracked pistons after having the oil changed at his local dealer. The bike has been in the shop for 4 months waiting for BMW to ship a new engine.
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