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  1. 2010 R1200RT Windshield quit after run in rain

    Thanks to both responders to my windshield problem.

    It seems that my RT must like the old proverb "Physician, heal thy self" as half way through a 400KM+ ride in warm dry +20C weather, the...
  2. Windshield stopped working after ride in heavy rain! Any suggestions?

    2010 R1200RT 39000KM

    Hi Folks:
    May I impose on this forum's brain trust to point me in the right direction for a solution to a problem that developed this weekend on a solo ride around Georgian...
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    Understand your condition/situation----hampered...

    Understand your condition/situation----hampered by the same audio problem..however, I must say lip reading is fun and a personal source of enjoyment.
    It continues to amaze me how the human being...
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    2010 R1200RT, Low Suspension, Low Seat, Very Short Rider

    I must be missing something up here in Canada. I am 5'4" on a good day, (shrinking fast as I approach 70) and have absolutely no problem with my incredible RT. Love the one piece seat, I don't miss...
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